Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Trail Feet!

It sure would be a lot less slippery if someone could blow the leaves off the trails :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cranberry Tri Race Report

What a great race! Everyone should start swimming, buy a bike and sneakers and sign up for this race 2011!

My day started early at 5am leaving with Stan and Travis to trek up to Lakeville, MA about an hour and half ride. We arrived in plenty to time but there was a parking jam so I did have to run around to check in and get numbered. Registration was organized and quick.

The race started at 8am sharp. I was in the 5th wave with all the other 40-44 year old ladies. I met some nice ladies that helped me feel more secure about the swim portion. I have been swimming a lot but was still very nervous. Well, this the tri for the weak of heart swimmer! We swam .9mile around the perimeter of Loon Lake. I probably could have ran it if I wanted. It was awesome and long. I came out of the water and looked at my watch 35minutes! I was psyched. Just to give you an idea of my swim success...I was completely swum over by the 30year old men. There was a front group that didn't care about my safety to break from the pack. Jerks. But even though, I still was confident and kept at it till I got er done, baby!

The bike ride was flat, flat, flat. It was along all these lakes and cranberry bogs. It was a beautiful 26 miles. I was able to keep a pretty fast pace. I think I finished it in 1:30mins. (official results are not in yet). I started to feel pooped the last two miles of the bike....

By the time I started the run, I was totally pooped, totally. The first two miles I really struggled. Then I worked on keeping my arms perpindicular to my torso and I heard my yoga teacher telling me to "open up across my heart space" ie chest :) Using my new core strength from my yoga really helped me on the run. When I opened up my chest I was able to breathe so much better, therefore run much better! I finished the run in 61mins. I was so happy to be done!

They had great food and race fun. SIGN UP for this TRI! It is totally great!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fisher Cat on the bike ride!

YIkes! I was at the end of my 21 mile bike ride and a fisher cat darted out in front of my bike! Luckily he was as scared of me as I was of him or her! We passed each other with a little screech and then went our merry ways!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nerves....gotta love em!

Well my olympic distance tri is a little more than a week away and I am so nervous and excited!!!

I love this part of training, you are at the end of your very long haul and you are so nervous that maybe you didn't do enough one minute and then after an awesome swim or brick workout, you are so confident you can't fit your head through the door when you get home!!!

I was remarking to myself while swimming how terrific it feels to get to this point. Back in June, I could only swim about 3 laps comfortably, today I swam 15 easily! Love it!

I am not in tip-top shape, I still have pain in my psoas and my seasonal allergies have negatively effected my swimming times BUT I feel ready and rearing to go!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Two 5ks - Reviewed

Well I have not been running very much because riding my bike, swimming, weightlifting and yoga feel A LOT better than running! But I have run in two 5ks this summer. The first was in Hartford in June and it supported fundraising efforts for breast cancer, I am not sure but I think it was the Susan Komen Race for the Cure. It's a beautiful race with lots of support, but not a lot of shade :) It was soooooo hot and humid, I could barely breathe. I struggled but accepted my time of 28:15. I have hardly run and am still struggling with my psoas tightness. This race is close to home and one that we do every year and is always rewarding.

Fast forward a month and 5 terrific ladies and I trekked almost 300 miles north to Utica, NY for the Boilermaker 15K. Yet three of us, myself included, chose the shorter race distance of a 5k. The ride is long but not hard. There was very little traffic and it was easy to travel. It took us about 4 hours to get there. There was a very large and interesting packet pick up expo. We took part in this wacky recruiting simulation for the air force....I don't think they are going to come knocking on my door. I think my stranded first aid workers I was supposed to rescue are still stranded!

After the expo, we traveled about another 25 miles north to Verona, NY to our hotel. We relaxed and ate at a fun sports bar called Recovery. It had 39 televisions! It was nice not to have to worry about what I ate since I was only running a 5k the next day. I got a chicken pesto panini that was banging! After dinner we walked and gabbed on the patio. I think that was my favorite part of the trip. It was great to relax with my awesome friends.

The race the next day was not so relaxing. I was not prepared for the logistical manuvering required for race participation. So we left our hotel at 5:30 for a 7:30 start. The 5k starts at a different place. We parked and got into the city with no problem. The 5k actually is the last 3 miles of the 15k route. We did a rather large horseshoe course, BUT our car was about 4 miles away from the finish! There was a shuttle that brought us back to the car, but we couldn't cross the street to actually get to our car! We played racer frogger and somehow managed to get to our car and change. Then we had to leapfrog back across the street to catch the shuttle again to get back to the finish line to see the other three buddies finish. We could not really get close enough to the finish line and missed them. THEN we had to swim through oceans and oceans of finishers to get to our meeting place! Thank goodness it wasn't that hot, had it been normal temperatures I would have melted for sure! We finally found the speedy runners and ate our bag lunch included in the race fee packed in like sardines with all the other 15000 racers. After we finished our turkey sandwiches, we said our goodbyes and got the heck outta Utica!

Oh wait no we couldn't because we had to wait for the shuttle bus to bring us back to our car! The shuttle ride sucked, it was hot and everyone was smelly. We finally made it to our car and ventured back the four hours to HOME SWEET HOME!

My time was 2 minutes quicker for this race. It was a nice downhill course with lots of water and the temps were awesome, like about 75' and low humidity.

I would think about doing this race again but not any year soon. I would definitely think about where to park and how to celebrate. The boast a great post race party but it was waaaaayyyyy to congested to really enjoy.

My next race is the Cranberry Tri at the end of August. I can not wait!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy First Day of Summer!!!

Hello my old friends! I have been busy swimming, practicing yoga, biking and running a little! Oh yeah and having lots of fun!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Paying in forward

Tonight I am meeting my friend and her son to help her son learn how to swim. He is an eight year old sweetie with autism. He needed a coach to help him learn how to swim so he can participate in the special olympics. I am psyched!

Also I signed up to be a "swim angel" for the Danskin Triathlon. I found out its in September though! Yikes I am definitely going to need a wetsuit!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first Oly!

I just registered for my first Olympic Tri! I am doing the Cranberry Tri on August 29, 2010, the day before school starts! There is a sprint on Sat and an oly and relay on Sun. It should prove to be a very fun weekend! I can NOT wait! I have been riding my bike, but I have to get back in the pool and start running when my psoas heals.

There is nothing like a race in your future to get you motivated!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not running but okay with it :)

I have not been interested in running since... well running hurts. I am giving my body a loooonnnngggg break from pounding the pavement. I continue to ride my bike, practice yoga and workout hard at the gym. I do miss my running friends though... a lot.

Hope all is well with everyone! Miss reading your blogs.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Trail Runners Beware!

Last Sunday I was watching UConn play Louisville and I get a phone call from son 1. Uconn was up by 2 and Gampel was so loud there was no way I could hear him if I answered so I texted him. He texted that he hurt his leg trail running and needed to go to the hospital. I assumed he needed stitches so I texted him to just go and I would be there when the game finished in like 30mins. Believe me with three boys, the hospital has our information on file :)

We actually arrived at the ER at the same time and that's when I became concerned. The texts didn't communicate the level of pain he was in. He was unable to get out of the car or walk in to the hospital on his own. I have had plenty of cuts from trail running and knew you should be able to walk even if you have a big gash. We wheeled him into the hospital and lucky for us it was a slow night and we got right in. We have waited for five hours before to get five lousy stitches so I was thinking things were looking up!

Until I saw the pain the poor kid was in.

I knew before they xrayed that something was terribly wrong. He broke his knee cap. A complete break. And the cut he needed his stitches was deep, all the way to the bone. So they are also worried about bone infection.

He was unable to have surgery that night due to the cut, they were afraid it would contaminate the joint since the break was on the other side of the knee. He will probably get surgery on Wed. depending on the swelling and healing of the cut. He is in a TON of pain. It is awful.

How did he do this, you ask? Running like a bat outta hell down hill on a slightly wet day, tripped and fell and hit his knee on a rock. How did he get outta the woods since his mom was a ditz and didn't get how serious it was? His very strong friend, Devon, fireman carried him out of the woods. Luckily Tommy is only about 155lbs soaking wet so Devon only had to stop a few times to catch his breath.

What a week.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I kinda hate Valentine's Day

There is too much pressure for Valentine's Day. I had a great weekend and am totally ga-ga for my sweet man but the whole thing is a little too much for me. I actually think it was easier being single on Valentine's day, nothing mattered. I usually bought myself something and hung out with friends or my kids. This year we went to dinner and saw the Lion King, which was totally fabulous by the way. The actual date was great but it just felt weird since it was VALENTINES day and had to be special or something. You feel me here, people?

Glad its over :0)

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yoga loving again!

This morning it was 13' and freezing cold. I met two of my tri-chicas at a local yoga studio for Hot Yoga. It was awesome. The instructor cranks up the heat to 90' and then gave us a kick ass power yoga class. It definitely warmed me up, for sure. I loved it. There were two women there that were probably in their 60s and they were so inspiring. They were strong, flexible and quite stunning. Yoga is so cool.

I have my cholesterol checked every year because it is a little high. In addition so is my cardiac-serum protein. Both of which indicate some cardiac disease. My naturopath always had a suspicion that my cardiac-serum protein was high because I ran so much. She deduced that since I ran so often I was probably inflammed all over. Well I told her this would be a good test to see if her conclusion was right. I haven't ran further than three miles at a time since Oct. I have been working out at the gym, swimming and practicing yoga-all low-impact activities. Well....the verdict is in.....

My cardiac-serum protein was the lowest it has ever been! Actually all my numbers were better this round of blood tests. I think I will have to agree that long distance running really is not that good for us. This same naturopath told me to compare a sprinters body with a long distance runners body and tell her which I think looks healthier. Hands down, the sprinter is a lot healthier looking. Their muscles are toned and they appear to be at a more natural weight as well.

Too bad I am addicted to long distance running! I figure I will work out smart in the winter and go crazy running the other three seasons. Actually I work out smart in the summer too while I train for triathlons. Ok two out of four seasons aint too shabby :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Blahs. New Goals.

I have sufficiently rested from the Chicago Marathon, I think. I was not at all interested in running after the marathon. I had fun running the Turkey day race but only because I ran it with my sweet lovable almost brother in law. I suffered through a very grulling (sp?) New Year's Day run. I have run a handful of times in between but mostly I have been staying indoors playing around at the gym. It has been a lot of fun. I love lifting weights, my guns are really getting defined, I almost don't have the upside down muscle shake anymore. Almost :)

But....I was sitting next to my fellow nutty runner, my stepdad while we watched our UCONN Huskies stomp all over Texas on Sat and during half time we got to talking about....running. He is on the way to completing the 50 states marathon challenge and he plans to run a marathon in Nebraska on May 2.

And there's a half-marathon....Maybe just maybe! Any bloggers wanna meet up in Lincoln, Nebraska?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I love yoga

I set out this snowy cold morning to try my first "hot" yoga class but my new, good-gas-mileage car sucks in the snow. Oh well can't have everything, right? So I headed to my gym which is about ten miles closer. Lo and behold there was a 9am yoga class at my gym this am! I set up next to a little old man that had to be about 85 years old. He was the cutest thing I have ever saw do yoga. I just hope I make it to see his age and man I hope I am still doing yoga :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010 Goals

Well, we started 2010 we lots of snow and some running! Here I am with my sweet friend, Fran enjoying champagne after our 6 miler on New Year's Day.

I have had years where I want to run a race per month and years where I did not set any goals. It definitely helps me to wake up and get moving if I have a goal. My main goal this year is to stretch my psoas everyday and get my hip better as well as prepare for the olympic distance tri in August. I will have to research some other races earlier in the year to gear up for or else!

I have been working out at the gym about 5 days per week while running about 2 days as well. I feel good. I am not loving running lately and welcome the break from the daily grind of hitting the pavement. I am totally loving my shapely arms from lifting at the gym. Boo-rah!!!