Wednesday, August 31, 2005

August 31, 2005 OUCH! My knee hurts!

On one of my long runs, my knee started feeling twingy (made up running word?!?). I was running downhill after about twelve miles and boy, I just did not like how my right knee felt. It was still tender afterwards, but I did not really think about it. Then I noticed it was feeling weak, but being the running addict that I am, I continued to run on it. Then I did a few more uneventful long runs, a trail run and a hilly race. I think the trail run sorta tweaked it and the race did me in!! Even my injured twelve-year-old son beat me in the race!! He is a good runner, but come on, I am still taller and I thought I was healthier. Maybe he is healing!! So now my knee hurts when I am going downstairs and I have taken a break from running for three days. I have to say the break has helped it feel a lot better, but I am scared to continue marathon training. Has anyone experienced the downhill knee pain before and what has helped you to heal?

I have started school, I am a teacher, so my blogging time will be limited unless I blog during my lunch hour like everyone else in the world. Yet anyone who teaches young children knows your lunch hour is more like a five minute pee break and maybe you can catch your breath. Occasionnally, I might have the extra ten minutes of time to enjoy a reese's peanutbutter cup or a bag of m&m's (my drug of choice) while my assistant teacher puff on her cigs. But I do enjoy reading and communicating with other obsessed runners, so I plan on posting at least once per week.

All for now!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

August 20, 2005 PUMPED!!

I just returned majorly pumped up from completing a seventeen miler!! I haven't run more than thirteen miles in two years. Last night, I carbo-loaded with some veggie pizza and some-mores with double marshmellows and double chocolate , of course. We had a fun campfire with my children and one of my best buddies currently on a postpartum hiatus from running, Dena (a kickass runner when she isn't nursing a newborn!!). The night was fun and the full moon sky was cloudy but beautiful anyway. Everyone was in bed by 9:30, giving me plenty of sleep.

I awoke at 5:00am to eat a peanutbutter sandwich and water. Lubed up the likely-to-chafe areas, put a band-aid in the spot where I blistered at the Johnny Kelly race and headed out. I started out tired and a little nervous, but by mile two I had found my groove. At mile seven, I stopped at my "adoptive" parents' house to re-hydrate and of course, go to the bathroom!! Then I continued on to the more picturesque part of the route. It was pretty, but I was struggling by about mile ten. I used mind over matter and got through some tough miles. Then at about mile thirteen, I said "to hell with this slow shit" and I kicked it in and ran the next four miles with ease. I am amazed at how sometimes you have to run a little faster during your long runs to actually feel better. I felt so invigorated at the finish, I walked a while to regroup and did some sun salutations, a yoga breathing/stretching pose. I was so happy. :)

I have a little secret that has helped my running incredibly and it is called YOGA! I LOVE YOGA!! I have been practicing yoga for only a month, but it has improved my running experiences tenfold. I highly reccommend it to any human, but especially us runners who take joy from beating up their bodies!! Rock on!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

August 18, 2005 Entertaining another marathon?!?

Yes, I am actually thinking of running the Clarence deMar marathon in New Hampshire. I felt so good after the Johnny Kelly 12-miler that I thought well maybe I have another marathon in me. My last marathon was the Vermont City Marathon in 2003 and it was great. The next year I hurt my hip skiing and had to lay off the long runs. I decided the half-marathon and ten-milers were the longest races for me. They were actually quite effortless and fun. Plus, I got to the food and post-race party before all the marathoners!! I didn't have to worry about bruised up feet, intense chafing and extreme fatigue with the shorter distances. Yet in the back of my mind, I had this nagging going on.

I had set a goal for myself way back in 2001 at the time of my first marathon, Hartford. That goal was to run a marathon in every New England state. I have New Hampshire and Mass. to go. I am, of course, saving Boston for my last marathon. I will never qualify time-wise, but I planned on raising the donation for entry when my body felt ready. To tell the truth, my body has recovered from all injuries, it is the mental preparedness I felt I lacked to push and complete another marathon. So, I decided I would sign up for the deMar marathon if I could run a 15 mile long run on the past very hot, very very humid Saturday morning successfully. And I DID it!!! So on with my training!! This weekend I plan to log a 17 miler and I just hope it is not as humid as last week.

I had a similar experience as Dianna, the running chick, regarding sweat. I was running down Main St. towards my end of my run at about 8:00am and was receiving many peculiar looks from morning risers getting their papers or coffee. Let's just say, I looked like I needed a convenient potty break. I was searching for any sprinklers or pool to jump in. On Saturday, I have to plan my long run to end at a swimming hole. There is nothing like jumping in to a cool refreshing pond or lake after working your body that hard. It makes for an interesting ride home though - very, very soggy shorts!!

Friday, August 05, 2005

Back for more August 7, 2005

Johnny Kelly update:
I don't know what math I was doing when I thought I could run 12 miles in 95 minutes! I did have a really good time(experience) running the John Kelly though. As far as my actual running time, I improved my last year's time by one minute. It was very hot and lots of traffic, I don't remember the traffic being so bad in years past. I ran with a great friend for the first nine miles, then had a great kick for the last three. Upon finishing, I took a freezing cold dip in the Connecticut Sound and I felt awesome. I think the cold salt water helped with the few spots of chafing. I developed a blister too, which really sucked. I am sore today, but after an easy five miles today, I feel okay.

Another great feature of this race is the party. They provide clams on the half-shell and clam chowder for post-race food. They also provide soda, which I hardly every drink, but it tastes really good after running that far in the sweltering heat.

August 5, 2005 My first blog entry!!

Hello everyone,
I have finally joined the world of blogging. I have been obsessed with running for about four years now. I usually run so that I can eat whatever I want, but have been known to want to run to improve my race times. Speaking of races, I will race in the Johnny Kelly Road Race in New London, CT tomorrow. It is the last free race in CT (I think). It is a very flat 12-miler that starts and ends at Ocean Beach Park. I hope to finish is less than 95 minutes, but you never know what tomorrow will bring. My favorite part of this race is jumping in the ocean upon finishing. There is nothing like it. Well, my first blog entry is going to be a short one. But I hope I have more time to fool around with it later.