Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reving up for Boston

Last week after work, I shipped my three wild boys to another house full of wild boys and chugged out a 15 miler. It was not real fast, but fast enough for me. I felt awesome, which is very impressive because one I usually run in the morning and two, I am a preschool teacher and work usually kicks my butt. So on Saturday, I am running a 17 miler and then I will taper down. That's pretty funny since I don't have anything to taper down from!!! I feel great, my legs feel fresh and well-oiled. I think the warm weather has really picked up my running spirit!

BTW, not only am I in the middle of speed training for the 2006 Boston Marathon, I am also starting my new athena goddess business. Last week, I attended two full days of training, which was why I had to run after work on a week night. I am officially a sexpert! Ask me any questions about sexuality and how our products could enhance your life!!! Guess what, there are five different types of orgasms, what do you think of that? Guess you'll have to email me or comment to find out what they are!! Book a party too!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Holy Sh**, I'm runnin' Boston!

Yes it is true, my cousin scored me a scrub number to run the Boston Marathon on April 17th! The only problem is my longest run in a long time has been 13 miles! Yikes! So for the next four weeks, I am going to be watching what I eat, running like a machine and fretting every second I get! I am so totally psyched!!! I have run four other marathons and have the muscle memory to get me through the marathon. It won't be any personal best I am sure, but I don't really even care! I am running Boston! WOO HOO!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pi(es) All Around!

My family and I ran the Pi Race in East Hartford, CT today. It was 3.14 miles long and every finisher received a tabletop pie! Actually they had enough pies for about each participant, volunteer and cheerleader to eat about ten pies each! My six year old son ran today, this was his first race and kicked some butt! I think he finished in under 45 minutes. My ten year old son, that declares he is a thrower not a runner, ran this race in 39 minutes, a personal best for him! Their old mama ran it in just over 25 minutes and took home 2cd place in the submaster division! We had a blast! We were all fighting colds so we used this race to clear all the gunk from our lungs! Sorry to anyone running behind us! Photos to follow!

Saturday, March 11, 2006


My son's 7&8th grade basketball team won the division championship game today. The score was 63-62 in overtime. It was tension city, baby. My son had some key plays and I am very proud of him and his teammates. The team was comprised of awesome, generous kids and they really knew how to play like a team. Their coaches were a young couple with no children on the team and that definitely helped keep the kids playing well too. The coaches were more objective and able to see the kids' talents and weaknesses. I am still buzzing from the excitement!

My fervor for basketball has generalized to my running. I ran thirteen miles both Sat. and Sun. I felt great both days. Then I went to a kick-ass yoga class with lots of power moves on Monday night. Today I ran an easy 4 miles and was pretty tired due to a lack of sleep. Yes, my house has been attacked by the barf/fever bug that has been knocking kids out all week. Hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight. Everyone seems to be improving.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy Running Week

Pictured above is just some of the northeastern CT running dream team that kicked some booty in the Colchester Half Marathon. They are the only reason I even showed up that day. Thanks to my sweet running buddies, you make my life so much fun!

I have had a great running week. I ran 3miles Monday afternoon, felt great. Then 5 miles on Tuesday and Thursday with an awesome yoga class taking up my time on Wednesday. I think I am happy because the weather has been very end of winter-like. I can feel the end of the storm, can see the light at the end of the tunnel! Yippee!

My family and I are grieving the UCONN Men's basketball team's loss against Syracuse today. I didn't even get to watch them go down in flames because of a very annoying thing called work. Well hopefully, my son's basketball team will play well on Sat. I love this time of year. Once March Madness is all over, I feel lost. I don't know what to do with myself for a while. But for now, turn on the game, baby!

I have given up all sweets for Lent and I am definitely suffering, Jesus would be proud of me;-). I have reduced my candy consumption by 99% (I have snuck a few M&Ms) and I have not lost a freakin' pound. I am so pissed off. I know I am supposed to be sacrificing for Lent, but I really wanted some pay-off for my repention! Oh well, I am hoping to lose 10 pounds to get ready for shorts and bathing suit weather so I have to figure something out. Maybe I should eat less calories or something crazy like that?!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quick and Dirty Post

I have missed reading everyone's blog's. I have been busy at work with the National Association of Young Children coming to validate that our program should be accredited, they agreed it should! Mucho Stresso for this week at work.

Then I was my niece's godmother at her baptism today. VERY awesome, but lots of work as well to prepare for the party.

Also, I am a HUGE basketball fan and got to watch my son's team advance to the finals today. His team plays at the big dance on Sat., 3/11, can't wait! I also got to cheer on the UCONN Huskies to their regular season Big East Championship game on Sat. Now it is Sunday at 9:40pm and I am waiting for my other son's birthday cupcakes are done baking, I'll will frost them bright and early before work tomorrow morning.

Boring running week, I only ran 20 miles total all week and I kinda sucked at every run. It was miserably cold and then it snowed seven inches on Thursday. In December, I enjoy running in the snow, in March, I hate running in the snow. It is amazing the difference three months make!