Friday, September 19, 2008

New Goals

Well my hip feels better when I only run every other day and about 4 miles is the limit. It is not pain free, mind you, but at least I can keep running.

BUT I am so sad since I think training to run the Philadelphia Marathon is probably out of the question. I have 11 weeks to train and haven't done a long run in two weeks and definitely can not do one this weekend. I suppose if I keep nursing my hip, I could continue training and see how far I get in the training. I am definitely going to go and run the half for sure. I really really really want to do whole marathon though. Time will tell.

I have had HORRIBLE allergies this fall season. Holy macarel. I think I have finally have a plan to combat the allergies though. I have some natural medicine called Aller Leaf that is effective and Nettles tea along with cleaning my sinuses with a rhino horn (yuck, but it works). I have suffered ever since school started and my naturopath tells me that many teachers are coming complaining. What the heck is in those schools? Dusty books? Moldy basements?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ouch my hip hurts :-(

Well I am back with the technologically advanced world again. I am not in the habit of checking my email or writing in my blog though. It may take a while.

My left hip has been bothering me ever since I started work. Do you think I am allergic? I think my ITB band is bothered by my increase in mileage to prepare for the Philadelphia Marathon and from sitting in very small chairs built for preschoolers, not tall teachers that run too much and don't stretch!

To rest my hip, I haven't run since last Tuesday and only went swimming and to yoga class and stretched EVERY time I thought about it. The results of this little experiment were very good. No pain by day two. But I went for a very easy jog of three miles this morning and I have a little pain today from that. Not sure how to proceed from here. Any ideas?

My New Haven Pics are up. my bib 786(I thought I figured out how to link and then it didnt work)I was barely awake when my friends picked my up and I forgot my Red Sox cap and my sunglasses. So you are getting a different view of me! More natural state!