Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Snow Day

Last week we had an awesome week off and this morning we awoke to yet another snow day! WOOHOO! The snow was amazing. My little son said when he woke up it looked like the Chronicles Of Narnia, the movie.

Taking the day off today, maybe I'll practice a little yoga and lift some weights, but my legs are heavy from the rockin' race on Saturday. By the way, I came in 155th out of 210 runners. Right smack in the middle!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Colchester Half Marathon

Today I walked my sweet doggie at 7am and the temp was 18 and the wind was whipping. I went back in and crawled into bed with my husband and said, "oh my fu@*ing goodness, what the he!! am I thinking running a fu#&ing half marathon today." I watched the weather just hoping the meterologist would say that by 10am the winds would calm and it would be a balmy 40'.


Well I got to the race and my stepdad convinced me we could do this and we went out for a mile warm up. I instantly felt better about the whole idea. I warmed rather quickly. I had a great race. Every mile came so quickly it was great. At mile 6, a huge deer darted out of the woods and scared the heck out of me, but it was cool too. Then at mile 11, we have to finish going up a long, long did I mention long hill. The last two miles were in the wind too. They really really really sucked. But I got it done and finished six minutes faster than last year. Let me stress this is no candy-pants half marathon, it is very HILLY and with the wind today, it was killer. But now that it is over, I feel GREAT!

A weird thing that happened was after the race, I bought a large decaf and bagel to refuel and warm up. I continued to rehydrate myself and I just now peed. I went four hours drinking mucho water and only now just peed. Wow. I pee often, so this is weirding me out.

Sorry no race pics, my camera battery was not available.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Winter Fun

Every Lenten season I start anew!! I ban sugary treats and chocolate decadence from my belly for only the Lenten season mind you! But it is the cleansing my body really needs. I always feel like crap around this time of year, I feel bad about my skin, my butt, my overall mood is usually kinda sucky. This winter hasn't been horrible so my winter blues have only been aquamarine not midnight blue! Yesterday was my first day without inhaling, I mean ingesting, at least my daily pound of chocolate and I could tell I really needed to do this, because I had a strange calmness about it. Like, girl, you know what you have to do, just do it.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Not Enough ;)

For those interested, I did not do enough of my hopeful activities on my weekend away. My husband was sick throwing up all night the night before we left, so he was a little weak and couldn' t keep up .... on the hike!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy and Thankful

I had a great weekend away with my husband. We had lots of fun and relaxation. Today I did a mini-tri. I rode stationery bike for seven miles, ran three miles and swam for twenty minutes. It was fun, can't wait till race season begins.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Today we are finally having a winter storm. It is not the cool kind of storm though, where the trees and yard look pretty and white and you can build snow forts and have snowball fights or make snow angels or snow people. No it is a snow that hurts called sleet and freezing rain. That did not stop my wild boys from sledding down our driveway that is a sheet of ice!

Been running some, swimming some, today I plan on using my bike with the trainer in the garage. Got the Colchester half marathon in a week, can't wait! Going away with my sexy husband for our anniversary this weekend! He asked what I wanted to do this weekend when we went away, I told him two things: hiking and f#$king! He is one lucky man!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Thank you

A big thanks to the helpful hints for more effecient breathing while swimming. I'll let you know how they worked. Today Sadie, my new running partner doggie, went on the rail trail for 6 miles and then she relunctantly waited in the car while I ran another four. I am trying to get ready for a half marathon in three weeks. The picture on the left was me at the finish last year. I was TIRED! I plan to run between ten and twelve each weekend before the race. I am happy with today's run because it is ten degrees and I couldn't find my face mask. My cheeks were FROZEN! I also was full of energy the whole run which felt really great.

I have to get on the bike soon. It is lonely out there on the trainer in the yucky garage!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Swimming Issues

I know this is a "running" blog family, but I hope some of the triathletes will read my blog and help me resolve my swimming issues.

#1 I have a hard time breathing, I have the mechanics down for the front crawl, but by the end of lap one, my lungs are burning. Then I switch to breast stroke for a length and do another two front crawl laps. All my other body parts are able to do the front crawl without incidence, but I am not breathing effectively. I breathe on alternating sides every three strokes. Help me, please!

#2 I have chapped skin from the chlorine, some embarrassing areas too! Any ideas to protect my delicate skin?

I know I have a third one, but I can not think of it right now!!