Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cranberry Tri Race Report

What a great race! Everyone should start swimming, buy a bike and sneakers and sign up for this race 2011!

My day started early at 5am leaving with Stan and Travis to trek up to Lakeville, MA about an hour and half ride. We arrived in plenty to time but there was a parking jam so I did have to run around to check in and get numbered. Registration was organized and quick.

The race started at 8am sharp. I was in the 5th wave with all the other 40-44 year old ladies. I met some nice ladies that helped me feel more secure about the swim portion. I have been swimming a lot but was still very nervous. Well, this the tri for the weak of heart swimmer! We swam .9mile around the perimeter of Loon Lake. I probably could have ran it if I wanted. It was awesome and long. I came out of the water and looked at my watch 35minutes! I was psyched. Just to give you an idea of my swim success...I was completely swum over by the 30year old men. There was a front group that didn't care about my safety to break from the pack. Jerks. But even though, I still was confident and kept at it till I got er done, baby!

The bike ride was flat, flat, flat. It was along all these lakes and cranberry bogs. It was a beautiful 26 miles. I was able to keep a pretty fast pace. I think I finished it in 1:30mins. (official results are not in yet). I started to feel pooped the last two miles of the bike....

By the time I started the run, I was totally pooped, totally. The first two miles I really struggled. Then I worked on keeping my arms perpindicular to my torso and I heard my yoga teacher telling me to "open up across my heart space" ie chest :) Using my new core strength from my yoga really helped me on the run. When I opened up my chest I was able to breathe so much better, therefore run much better! I finished the run in 61mins. I was so happy to be done!

They had great food and race fun. SIGN UP for this TRI! It is totally great!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fisher Cat on the bike ride!

YIkes! I was at the end of my 21 mile bike ride and a fisher cat darted out in front of my bike! Luckily he was as scared of me as I was of him or her! We passed each other with a little screech and then went our merry ways!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nerves....gotta love em!

Well my olympic distance tri is a little more than a week away and I am so nervous and excited!!!

I love this part of training, you are at the end of your very long haul and you are so nervous that maybe you didn't do enough one minute and then after an awesome swim or brick workout, you are so confident you can't fit your head through the door when you get home!!!

I was remarking to myself while swimming how terrific it feels to get to this point. Back in June, I could only swim about 3 laps comfortably, today I swam 15 easily! Love it!

I am not in tip-top shape, I still have pain in my psoas and my seasonal allergies have negatively effected my swimming times BUT I feel ready and rearing to go!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!