Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So what do you think?

So here it new wheels. So this entry still had something to do with running, I had my son take the picture right after I came home from running in 85' and I think it was probably 150% humidity. I was drenched. Tomorrow I am going to ride my bike to a swimming hole and try to double up to get ready for the tri. Only four more weeks to go!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I love my job

I know most you are travelling to work right now cursing those overpaid teachers with the summers off. But right now I am loving my job, baby!! Yes I may be broke each summer, but there is no price on recharging and rejuvinating my spirit and body (there really is no cure for my crazy mind;) Since school ended, I have had so much fun and relaxation. I have also exercised everyday and it feels easy.

This weekend I have three parties and going to see a great local band - The Quiet Life - check them out on their myspace. They are out of New London and they are four talented young men. I love them, can't wait to see them. I played one of their songs - How It Goes- FOUR times in a row the other day while driving. That's how much I like them.

Well gotta go leisurely prepare and eat a healthy breakfast. Bye!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Getting the first tri jitters

Okay I know I said my training was going great in my last post, but I am starting to get nervous about it all. It is unchartered territory for me and I am thrilled and frightened all at the same time. Of course I am most concerned about the swimming portion. I know I can complete that short distance, but I have never been in the water with that many people at the same time. I have never raced on my bike either,well not since I was ten years old :)

I am slowly but surely recovering from this freakin' divorce crap. I bought a new car, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Lauredo. It is really nice. I'll post some pics as soon as I get my camera battery recharger back from my classroom which I haven't stepped into since the last day of school.

My baby turned eight years old yesterday. We had a great day. Both of his big brothers had sleepovers of their own, so we were on our own. First, he played in the All-Star game for baseball, then we went out to dinner to Friendly's, and finally we had a slumber party in my room. He and I cuddled up to watch the Red Sox kick some butt. It was probably one of my top ten best days ever in my life.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Graduations, Car buying and Training

My oldest son graduated eighth grade on Monday. It was intense. I really miss his dad when we hit these milestones. He would have been so proud of him. There is nobody on earth that really gets how great your kid is except the other parent and his dad and I really loved these kids. I guess every big event has that sad undertone because his dad isn't there to celebrate with us.

I am still buying a car and it sucks. I just hate it.

My training is going GREAT! I love swimming, biking and running!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Buying a new car - yikes!

My old shitbox car, a 1999 Mercury Villager, has finally pissed me off long enough. Every time it rains, water gets in the engine and it doesn't work until my soon-to-be ex-husband fixes it. So basically he dangles control over me every time it breaks down so today it rained and he was mad at me and did not offer to fix it.

Soooooo I called my stepdad and we went car shopping today. I drove a Jeep Grand Cherokee Lauredo, it was sexy and awesome. I also drove Chrysler but it was too squishy and claustrophobic. Then I drove 2006 Ford Explorer, black and sleek. It has seven seats without the look of a minivan which I am ready to give up since now I am hunting for men!

So the very cute but too young for me car dealer let me take the car home for the weekend to see if I like it. Well wouldn't you know my oldest son was checking the car out and he locked the keys in the car. GREAT, right? So I have to call the cute, but young dealer to figure out what I should do. He proceeded to drive over to my house to open the car for me. He TOTALLY thought I locked the keys in on purpose just to get his cute little bod over here, but I swear I did not. It was quite embarrassing. Luckily I had five little boys over here so he only flirted for a few minutes.

Tomorrow I complete a duathlon of sorts. I am riding about 20 miles to a park in Hartford, then doing a run for autism and then riding my bike back the 20 miles. I am so excited, I can't wait!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Race for the Cure

Yesterday, I traveled in a mini-coop to Hartford, CT to run a 5K race for the cure. It was a blast. I finished in 24:40 and had a great run. I had a little left at the end, so I am looking forward to next race and pushing myself a little harder. With the recent life changes, I have lost about 15 pounds, so from here on in you will not hear about my fat ass anymore, it is pretty nice actually and can move up hills a lot faster!! So cheers to not being able to eat or sleep for two months, it does wonders :)

One cute little race story. There was a former soccer coach of my middle son running the race. I had a problem with him because once he told my ten-year-old at the time son that he wasn't going to play anymore that day because "they wanted to win". So yeah, I hate him. But anyway, he lined up near me at the start of the race. I kept him in my sights for the first mile and then freakin' passed his loser ass on a hill at the end of mile on NEVER TO SEE HIS SORRY BUTT AGAIN!!!. It felt so good to beat that bum.