Saturday, November 03, 2012

Flying Pigs Here We Come!

My stepdad and I have registered to run the Flying Pig Marathon in May 2013 in Cinncinati, OH. I have registered for the half while Richard registered for the full. I will be happy to finish the half actually. I feel great working out at the gym and practicing yoga but training for a half will really test my commitment to stretching and caring for my areas that are tweaky.

By the way, I have become the Kathy Bates character from The Waterboy - the highly acclaimed Adam Sandler movie from 1998. I have her voice in my head, "Foosball is the DEVIL!" My middle son, Nick, suffered a concussion during his Friday night game. He had all of the symptoms in the book; slurred speech, photophobic, unstable gait, awful headache, cranky...and he continues to have some symptoms but he is starting back to school for half days this Monday so that is good news. I guess I should consider him lucky since this is his first football injury and he is a senior. His senior season is probably over, but he has indoor and outdoor track to look forward too...oh and all those college essays that he is so excited to write ;)