Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am getting better, yippee!!

About six weeks ago, I almost threw in the towel, but I am very resilient and have three boys counting on me so I knew I had to figure this whole abusive relationship thing out.

First I thought about my own physical well being. I developed a four point plan. The first being to eat more protein and more food in general as well as be vigilant about taking my vitamin supplements. I have done that and feel much better. My hair was starting to fall out in large quantities and my skin was rashy, both as a result of stress and not eating. My hair is better, my skin is getting there.

Second was to get two half hour massages a month. My massage therapist loves me and told me I was going to her for two full hours/month and she was only charging me at the half rate. Love her.

Third was to get back into yoga. Started that last week and pretty much cried threw the whole thing, but it was what I needed.

Fourth was to stay as far away from Eric I could. This was a biggie. I was able to keep my interactions down to a minimum and now am able to see his crazy behavior for what it is: crazy. I am able to be much more objective and realize I have very little to do with his behavior. Yesterday he was mad at me and no lie he called my cell phone and house phone over 40 times!!! I was able to not answer and also asked my dear friend to call him for me and try to help him figure out what he was doing was harrassment and well fucking nuts. It sorta worked, but he called my cell phone about 10 times today, so it only sorta worked.

As far as running goes, I got 15 miles in today, but my hip was screaming after about 7 miles. Good thing for numbers 2 and 3 of my plan. Yoga and massage should do the trick.

After my hairdresser heard about my new de-stressing program, she also suggested sex is always a good de-stress activity too! Only thing is I would have to let someone new see me naked and that is not happening!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I actually like speedwork!?!

Seven of my Willimantic Athletic Club members (ie WAC-Os) have begun a six week speedwork plan. We meet every Tuesday night at a local track at 6pm to run four 1000meter repeats. Our goal is to complete the 1000meters in under 4:30 at 90% of our heart rate. We rest for three minutes in between each interval. I know I sound nuts, but I like it. I think the fact that my friends are there is the reason. But I feel really strong too.

I am psyched because this speedwork session wraps up right before the Memphis Marathon. I hope it helps me to run a faster marathon. I am trying to break the four hour mark this year with the hopes of qualifying for Boston in my 40th year. My qualifying time at 40 years old is 3:50, I really think I could achieve that as long as I remain injury free. I have a challenge from Wes that I would love to accomplish, but lack the confidence and proper training right now, but who knows maybe I'll have a good day and give him a proper birthday present!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

I love Friday night long runs

Just finished a 14 mile long run today after school. I procrastinated and stood around making fun of all our students and coworkers until 4pm and then headed out the door. Holy crap it was hot, 85' but there was a nice breeze. That nice breeze seemed to suck all the moisture from my mouth though!!

I finished a 8 mile loop in 73 minutes, then I refueled with some vanilla gu and grabbed some water for the next six miles. I felt really good the whole run, the uphills got tough after about mile 7, but hopefully there are not hills in Memphis!! I hear Tennessee is pretty flat in December!! Can you tell I am a little punchy right now, it is almost 10:00pm and my house is disgusting and I should be picking it up, but instead here I sit, procrastinating for yet the second time today!!

Take care!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

1st Annual Hartford Women's Triathlon

Hello all, today was a brisk 40' when I ventured out to my car to warm it up so my then sleeping children wouldn't have to sit on cold leather seats only being half awake!! I was so nervous about this tri! We made the trip in no time and did not get lost. I set up my transition area quickly and found my friends. We were all excited and nervous.

My friend, Farrah, and I were in the first wave, jumping in to 70' water at 8am! The water felt great actually. I on the other hand, felt a little panicky. My last two lake swims sucked and this one was starting out pretty shitty. BUT I used my strong will and perservered! I just told myself to slow down and I would probably get there quicker. Which for the water, I think it might be true! I slowed down and just plugged along and ate a LOT of humble pie. I was passed by about 15 people that were in the second wave!! It totally sucked, but my goal was to get my ass out of the water and I did in about 16 minutes. That was my time for a half mile in the last tri, so I guess my strategy worked.

I saw my kids when I got out of the water and they were so excited to cheer for me, it gave me the surge I needed. My legs were rubbery and I was a little dizzy. Getting that damn wetsuit off took some effort too!! I got to my transition area and was disoriented. I somehow managed to get my socks and bike shoes on and headed out to the course.

The bike route was cut down to 10 miles due to road construction and it was mad flat. I don't know what I averaged yet. The results are not posted and I forgot to reset my little thingy. But I was keeping probably a 17 mph. This tri was much more competitive that the Danskin Tri I did in July. I was keeping between 17-18 mph and I got passed by about 5 women!! I passed more, but still... wow. I like the competitiveness, it pushes me to go harder. I was finished with the swim-t1-bike at 55 minutes.

My transition to the run was also pretty silly. My ASS was FROZEN, after riding in wet shorts at 17ish mph, my cheeks were pretty jello-y. When I got off my bike, it just felt like my bottom half was not attached to my top and I could not get it to move the way I wanted. Somehow I reracked my bike, but no thanks to the chick that threw her gigantic bag in my bike slot. I quickly threw her bag, racked my bike and threw on my sneaks.

The run was all trails. I was running along in sort of fog, not a "zone" like I would have prefered! I have been suffering from allergies and my eyes watered the whole 3.1miles. I passed my friend Farrah early in the run and she looked great. As I was running along, I realized that I had just run on these trails last week with my friend, Chris. That made me happy and I just plugged along. I finished very strong, it was a downhill finish at 1:24. I was happy with that time.

I can't really compare my two tris since the first one was a shorter run and the second one was a shorter bike. I think the swim laps were the same, they felt the same anyway. My transition times were longer since I wore my bike shoes this tri. I feel sad that the tri season is over for me. The weather is too cold. Today was pushing it really. I am already trying to figure out my tri goals for next year. One major skill I plan to work on this winter is my swim stroke and getting my comfortable and effecient.

Now on to training for a marathon in Memphis, Tenn on December 1, 2007. Five chickas and I are bringing our "girl power" down south to conquer the distance!!! I can't wait!!! I am totally loving being single and making my own decisions. I can't believe I waited this long to grow up and take control of my life!!

1st Annual Hartford Women

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great Kids and Cold Tri Temperatures!

Tommy ran an awesome time at the Windham Invitational. He raced against about 300 freshman from all over CT and finished 29th overall. His time for 2.1 miles was 13:05. He looked great!

My little son, Travis, wants everyone in cyberworld to know that his U-10 soccer team is 3-0.

I am sitting here sipping hot cocoa because I was standing around all day working the rainy, cold check in table. Tomorrow I participate in the Hartford Women's Sprint Tri at 8am. The bike club just moved our teams ride to 9am since the low is supposed to be 40s tomorrow morning. I am freaking out about the temps for tomorrow's race. I am not really worried about the swim since I have a wetsuit (a really sexy one at that!) BUT I am totally scared about the bike ride in wet clothes. I guess I'll bring a warm shirt to throw on at the transition. I hope by the run I'll be warmed up again.

Full report tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Proud Mama Shout Out!

Since I am truly a single mother of my two older children, I don't have anyone to share in their accomplishments. Sooooo I have decided to rave about my children over the blogger world! My oldest son ran in his first cross country meet of his high school career today and he finished his 5K run in 20:31 and he said he could have ran even faster but didn't want to beat his teammates. He came fourth overall out of about 30 runners. He was so proud and so was I!!!

This weekend he participates in a HUGE invitational at our local high school. Over 2500 runners will be heading to our area to run their little butts off! I'll let you know how he does!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

New Haven Road Race Report

The New Haven Road Race experience started on Sunday meeting Chris at the expo. We looked around at the expo a few minutes and I bought a "swim, bike and run" car magnet and now I am kicking myself for not buying a gym bag that was only $7. Oh well hopefully the bag lady will be at the next race I do.

Then Chris and I met up with Dianna, the running chick with the orange hat and Jon, the chocolate runner. We waited for David and his family and headed out for pizza. We ravished a variety of pies and had wonderful conversations. It is so cool meeting bloggers face to face. I feel like I know people from reading and sharing their blogs and it is definitely different when you are actually looking and speaking with someone. After pizza, we all went on our way to try to sleep before the big day.

I got lost on the way to my friend's house, but I find that New Haven is a friendly city and a nice big man gave me directions that were perfect actually. When I arrived at my friends' house, I had the house to myself which was weird. I settled in and luckily figured out how to operate her TV and plunked myself in front 'Titanic'. I have only seen Titanic about 99 times, but the whole sinking ship and love story get me every time. I love that old lady, I hope I grow to be just like her.

I had a pretty good sleep and headed over to New Haven at about 7am. I met up with Chris, my running coach and buddy, at about 7:45. We met up with the other bloggers, put in one last potty stop and headed to the start line. Dianna decided we would be good running partners for this race. At first I was nervous, I know Dianna can run a LOT faster than I can, but lucky for me she has been riding her bike more this summer and her legs were heavy.

The beginning of the race flew by, it felt like the first five miles were over in a flash. We were having fun, gabbing and teasing each other. The three of us ran together for about the first nine miles, but then they started to pull away. I knew I wasn't going slower and my 10k split proved me right. My 10K split was 53 minutes and my finish was 1:46, so they sped up and finished about two minutes ahead of me. I was very happy with my time and feel really strong about my running right now.

My favorite part of the day though was the visit afterward. All the blogger buddies drank beer and refueled together on the green. What a great group of people. I often curse the evils of the internet, but after sitting and sharing with such a neat bunch of friends, I have to say it can't be all that bad. Without the internet I would have never met any of these people. One of them is quickly becoming one of my best friends and the rest are people that have given me support and kindness in ways I am sure they don't even know matters.

I can't wait for next year!

Monday, September 03, 2007

New Haven - the best race ever!

Just a short report for now, more to follow. I had a great time and a great "time"! I ran a personal best of 1:46 for a 20K and was very happy with that finish. More details to follow, have to go put the kids to bed!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

On to New Haven

This week entailed getting back to school and the routine and seeing all my old work buddies really helped me feel better about life. My work friends are a very strong support for me, I didn't realize how much I missed them this summer.

Tomorrow I'm going to New Haven to meet Jon and Dianna at the New Haven Road Race Expo and then load up on the carbs (and hopefully chocolate) at dinner. Then I'll run with Chris as long as I can keep up with him. I am pretty tired, my body has been aching lately. I hope to finish around 1hour 50min. I think I can make that goal, we'll see.

Run hard, play harder!