Friday, May 19, 2006


Have you seen how many more bloggers there are in the RBF directory? Holy moly, there are 702 bloggers now! That is one big running family, alright!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Games People Play

With the title of this post and my new job, you probably thought you were going to get a juicy story. SORRY! I was just talking about how important your state of mind is to accomplish much of anything. Take running, to run a marathon you have to be able to screw with your own mind. Ask any marathoner and they will tell you the games they play with themselves to make the task easier. I have often said that I had the conditioning to run/jog a marathon, but my mind wasn't into it. In essence, there was no will to my way! The opposite is true sometimes too. I only had a crappy training base for Boston, but my mind was totally into the task. I am amazed at what power our brains have over us.

My foot is almost completely healed. The only time it hurts sometimes is going downhill. Yes, at times, I have had to now walk downhill. Let me tell you, it is bad enough that I feel like I need a wagon to haul my fat ass up hills, but now I have to walk downhill too. It is just too much to bear!

Happy Mother's Day to all you running mamas!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

From Bleeding Heart to Goddess Mogul!

It is a sad state of affairs when I can make more money in eight hours of total party fun selling sexual enhancements than I make working a whole week molding and nuturing our young children's minds. As a matter of fact, I made two hundred dollars more than my weekly salary on my Friday night Athena's party. What does that say about our country and its lack of committment to our children? To add insult to injury, I work in a public school in CT, the highest paying state!!! You have to ask why would anyone become a teacher? Bad pay, crazy neurotic parents, children with ever-increasing needs, crabby principals, budget woes, the list goes on and on. BUT I am not quitting my day job to exclusively sell sex toys, I love being a teacher despite the previous rant.

It is really interesting to me, the transformation I have gone through around money. I used it be a bleeding heart liberal, bordering on socialist. I still give money to a lot of causes that I believe in, but as I earn more money, I feel a certain conservative beast creeping its head in my psyche. Even though I am only 37 years old, I find myself worrying about retirement or paying for my children's college more than I worry about other people or the world as a whole. I don't really like that about myself. I have this karma belief that money is like a circle - it comes in and out and we should be generous and giving and it will all balance out. I think that if more Americans felt that way, we would end so many of our country's problems. Oh well, it is something I need to review and get more clear about.

As for running, I am like the little engine that could, just blugging along running four miles one day, six the next day, maybe only two the next. I am just listening to my body and running what feels manageable. I ran half trails today and was in heaven, I have to get on the trails a little more. They are so much more forgiving on my joints.

Talk to you soon. Only one party next weekend, we'll see if I make my two weeks of teacher pay in one night!