Saturday, September 02, 2006

One Two Punch and I am OUT!

PUNCH ONE This week on our way to dinner at Friendly's Restaurant, a family dining place that specializes in ice cream, I stupidly asked my boys if my butt was the same size as this runner we saw. My oldest son said something like this, "Mom, that ass is big and beautiful, yours is big and droopy". OUCH! I know I was extremely dumb and a little inappropriate even asking my kids to compare my body with another woman (she looked like about college age, I could be her mother for pete's sake), but still the truth hurts. Your kids are always guaranteed to tell you the truth, maybe that's why I asked them. Believe me I won't be asking anytime soon. I settled for an ice cream cone of hunka chunka peanut butter fudge instead the regular hot fudge sundae. sigh

PUNCH TWO Same night My husband "plays" horseshoes in a league on Wed. nights, hence why I took the kids out because he is not around to complain that we spend too much money on eating out :0 Anyway, he comes tiptoeing quietly in around ten o'clock, I am already fast asleep but not too deeply because he kisses me goodnight and I wake up. Well my husband is a talker and when he doesn't see me enough, he goes through talker withdrawal. So he begins his diarrhea of the mouth and is just going on and on, but about nice stuff and how happy he is to be married to me and blahblah. Usually that means one of his horseshoe buddies was bitching about their wives and suddenly I am looking good until it's his week to bitch about me!! But somehow we get talking about this woman that his brother is dating. This woman has the same "curvy" shape that I have, but is about seven inches shorter so her curves look a little curvier. His brother was telling Eric that he just doesn't want to "settle" for someone that's not HOT. Ouch again. I could go on about how my brother-in-law should not be so pickey because he is short, skinny and has more hair on his back than his head, but that would be mean of me, right ;) !!!


Michele said...

Yes, kids are too honest. My son has told me a number of times that my belly looks like a watermelon.

Next time your husband comes in late just pretend to still be asleep. :) Then he can't talk!

Wes said...

Oh well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder :-) Plus, boys have the Freudian complex when it comes to mothers, so I wouldn't take that seriously. Does Hubby drink while he's playing horseshoes? In that case, you NEED to wake up and take good care of him :-)

runr53 said...

So then did you threaten your son within an inch of his life? Kids! LOL Run Good!