Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Danskin Triathlon 2007

Sorry to take so long before reporting this awesome race experience but I came home to a tremendously scary lightning storm and was out of electricity for the last day, it sucked. I hate living in the middle of nowhere, nobody cares about us out here. BUT anyway, who cares about that, that was yesterday!!

On to the Danskin Tri experience, it started early Sat. am meeting up with my tri chickas to load the bikes and make the hour trek to Webster, Ma. When we arrived it was raining and thundering. Fortunately the expo was indoors, we got our numbers, shirts and free gym bags and then went hunting for other free stuff. Isn't that what everyone does at expos, I dont' care if I have 18 pens littering the bottom of my pocketbook, if there is another free pen at an expo I want it!! We got free hats, water bottles, sports beans, peanutbutter and "i am loved" pins in many different languages. We also bought running socks for only $5 a pair and new Tifosi sunglasses with three lenses.

Then we went to a course review which was very informative. We needed that info since it was our first tri. Then we went to a first timers seminar and it was more inspirational than informative. It was very "girl power" which I can only take for about ten minutes before I think I taste throw up in my mouth!! There was one part of the girl power pow wow, when Sally, the speaker, said "Now we are going to approach this tri like women and if you see a woman needing help, you are going to help her, right?" I was looking around with guilt in my eyes wondering if anyone else was thinking, "what the f#$k, I came to compete, let the medical people help the wounded." Of course I didn't say this aloud, no I just kept high fiving all the women and yelling "you go, girlfriend" each time the puke getting closer to my throat.

After the formal preparation, we drove the bike route and I was very glad we did. It was very helpful on the ride to know what was coming. After that we checked into the hotel and went out to dinner. Got to bed around ten and did not sleep all night, that is how I always am and I am used to it. I just lay in bed trying to think happy thoughts to pass the time and wake up at the crack of dawn.

Then it was finally RACE DAY. We arrived at the race at 6am and went right to the portopotties. Then we set up our bikes and transition area. At around 7:15 the first wave of women entered the water, we still had another hour before we got our chance. We decided to take a little swim and I am really glad we did because my goggles were letting water in on one side, so I ran up to my bag and got my spare.

Finally it was the purple caps' turn to head to the start of the race andI was totally scared and psyched at the same time. My three friends and I held hands so we could start together and we did. The swim was not physically challenging for me, but it was difficult for me to figure out my groove with all those bodies next to me. I was kicked and swatted often and never found a good spot the whole 1/2 mile, but it was over before I knew it and I looked at my watch and it read 16 minutes and I was satisfied with that since this was my first experience swimming competitively. Next time I will finish the swim faster.

Then out of the water, found my sandels and run the tenth of a mile to my bike. I squirted my feet off, threw on some socks and my sneakers and a tank top. I chose not to lock into my bike since I am not experienced with those shoes yet and wore the tank top because I am too shy to show off all that skin!!

The bike route was rolling hills with one big hill at mile four. I was never passed once on my bike. I also rehydrated well on my bike too. I forgot to eat my GU, but luckily I never crashed. The bike portion seemed to be over very quickly. I arrived at the transition area and this volunteer was yelling at me to dismount and I tried to really, but I couldn't get my right leg over my seat and down I went in front of hundreds of spectators. Recovered quickly and got outta there as fast as I could, more embarrassed than hurt.

I reset my bike and threw off my helmet and threw on my Red Sox hat and was out to run in one minute. During the run I was completely in the zone. If anything hurt I did not feel it, but people kept looking at my leg. It was bleeding pretty good, but I thought it was kinda cool. I drank water four times on the course and at the same time would pour some water on my cut to keep from totally grossing out the spectators. I don't remember anyone passing me on the run either, but I was totally concentrating and did not really notice anybody even existing. That is a cool feeling, I was totally focused on the task at hand and nothing else mattered. I really need moments like that right now, because for most of my waking moments (and sleeping for that matter) I am stressing about my life and how screwed up I have made everything.

I stepped over the line and looked at my watch 1:28, whoa I was shooting for 1:40 so I was very happy. I hugged all my fellow triathletes and then revelled in our accomplishment. We went out for burger and beers, a tradition and headed home.

What a day! I can't wait for tri number two!!

Here are my stats:
1/2 mile swim 16:40
transition 1: 4:48
12 mile bike 43:29
transition 2: 1:01
2.8 run 22:42

Total time 1:28:41
overall rank 318 of 2129
class rank 11 of 440

Photos to follow!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I am a triathlete!

All I can say right now is:


Friday, July 27, 2007

First Tri Jitters

Today I am packing for my first triathlon and I am sooooooo excited and scared. I am not daunted by the physical demands for I am ready, but I have no clue about what I am about to go do!! The logistics are what I am thinking about, like will I be able to find my bike after the swim, what the heck am I going to do if I get a flat, what if I lose something along the way, etc. But the jitters are what makes doing something for the first time so exciting too.

Wish me luck and I'll post some photos (omgoodness, I have to charge my camera batter right now) and a report Sunday night. WOOHOO, I can't wait!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Running with Friends

This weekend I had two totally great runs.

My first was Sat. morning at 6:30 with my running buddies from the WAC. I am amazed at how fast my run goes when I am talking with other people. It is also cool running with a group. We got to support one of our runners to complete her longest run yet. She was so thrilled and that excitement is contagious.

My second run was on Sun. I met Chris, a friend you can read about over at http://www.rsqboss.blogspot.com. We met in between our homes in a town near the shore and just ran wherever our spirit moved us. He has a garmin so we could keep track without getting too lost or going too far. It was soooo fun. Again I was amazed at how fast the run went when you don't know where you are going and it is an adventure. I have to thank Chris because he gave me a piggyback ride over a cut of ocean so I wouldn't have to get my new sneakers wet. Very cool friend.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Today I swam a 1/2 mile, rode my bike for 12 and ran 3 miles in 1 hr and 50 minutes!!! I am really glad I did this "dry" run before next week because I learned an important lesson, I can not run in only my two piece top. Yes my boobs are small but they still hurt as much as big ones when they bounce!! I guess I'll have to check out a tri top. I don't think I could use a one piece tri suit without having a nervous breakdown. I hate anything squeezing my stomach too tight, yes I know I sound like I must be nuts, but in the business we say that I have sensory issues, okay!!

I felt great doing this activity and can't wait for my first time. It is so exciting being a virgin again!!

I just have to shamelessly plug physical fitness as a way to deal with abusive soon to be ex husbands. He has really been doing a number on me lately and last night I felt like giving up, rolling over, calling it quits. I was so depressed I ate three brownies with a huge bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and hot fudge!! But after this morning's workout, I felt like I could take on the world! Pushing yourself and coming through to the other side is so empowering.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Incredible Kids

Today I ran with my 19 year old sister and 14 year old son in the woods in the rain. Oh yeah our dog came too. We ran to a beautiful vista called 50 Foot Cliff, it really was beautiful through the rain. It looked so mystical.

My son was born to run in the woods, he leaps like a gazelle over the many rocks that scatter the trail. He told me to write this but it is true too!

And he beat my butt in the Boom Box Mile, yeah we'll see in a race over ten miles okay buddy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love my bike

Today I rode for 15 miles and was so happy. I cruised up my last two gigantic hills to my house. I think I am really getting the shifting thing down. Now I just have to order some shoes with the clips thingys. Yikes, something new! Can't wait!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Pool = Hard to breathe

You know what I find strange is that while I was training in my local pool all winter I was really struggling with my breathing. I just felt like I could not get enough air in while doing the front crawl so I would resort to the breaststroke and would be able to go back and forth and finish the distances I wanted to complete. BUT now that I am swimming in ocean or lake water I can swim the front crawl and get in plenty of air.

My very smart first-marriage mother-in-law (she is also one of my favorite people because she takes my kids for as long as I want all summer- allelulia amen to her) told me that the chlorine affects her ability to breathe while swimming. What do all of you tri people think of that theory?

By the way, Happy Birthday to Me. Someone told me today that I look more like 29 than 39, I almost married him right there on the spot!! Then I decided since I have failed now at not just one, but TWO marriages in my 39 years I better stick to romance novels. Men are a mystery I am not sure I will ever solve :-)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Comment problem

I keep trying to leave comments or look at mine and the little message about secure and nonsecure items pops up and no matter what I press it won't go away. It is a pain in my buttocks as Forrest would say. Anyone have any ideas what I can do about it? Thanks.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Here we are at the Boom Box Mile. Quite a crew. My right shin continues to bother me so I have taken to bike riding. I went 30miles on Monday, 15 on Thursday, and 26 today and let me just tell you that my ass is killing me. Tomorrow I don't care if my shin still hurts, I am running. I even have those cushiony pants too!

See ya, going to watch the Red Sox try to beat the Tigers.

I just realized the kid that is eating is the only one that did not run the race. Yikes.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boom Box Mile

Yesterday, my family and I raced in a mile race that happens right before this huge parade in our town. The race runs the same route as the parade, so the runners get a lot of support. It is a lot of fun. The results are as follows:
Tommy, age 14 finished in 5:30
Me, age 38 finished in 6:37
M.E., my sister, age 19 finished in 7:00
Travis, age 8, finished 8:07
Wouldn't you know we all placed in our age groups except for Tommy, the fastest of us all. He had a lot of competition in his age group.

Then we went to a party where I ate WAAAAAYYYYY too much food, I am feeling it this morning.

Monday, July 02, 2007

My shin still hurts

Today I am sticking to my bike, yet I have to start training for the de Mar marathon in Sept. sometime soon! I was hoping to do 13 this week, but I want to nurse this boo-boo alittle. Here is photo of my family enjoying a great local band, at a beautiful beach with a breath-taking full moon while eating ice cream, of course. I love summer.

The funny thing was the cost to park and get into the concert was only five bucks, but the five small ice cream cones cost 15 dollars. They were huge though!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wow, the trails kicked my butt

I ran with two friends and my sister on the trails yesterday and my body is feeling it. It is weird because my arms are tired. But also my right shin feels like I bruised it, you run into things without even knowing it until later when it starts to hurt. Sticking to the bike today, what a beautiful morning here - sunny, 65' with a light breeze. I can't wait to get out there!