Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gearing Up for NEW HAVEN!!

I am getting psyched for the New Haven 20K Road Race. It is so funny how if this was a half-marathon, I would be totally stressing out about the distance, but because it is a whole .7 of a mile shorter, I feel like it is cake!

I love the New Haven 20K, it trails through the city of New Haven and through all these cool inner city neighborhoods and there are these little kids asking if you want to be sprayed by their hoses and you totally make their day when you say yes.

One year I ran the race, it was pouring rain and I missed the kids. One funny thing I remember about that year was that it was POURING and my girlfriends clothes started foaming!! Too much clothes detergent :)) It was hysterical and very wet! That same year, I took the free beer, because it was just one of those days and I don't regularly drink beer, but that beer tasted sooooo good. I tried drinking the type of beer at dinner once, but did not get the same taste. I guess you have to run a 20K first to appreciate the taste!

Friday, August 25, 2006

xtreme scramble #2

Last night was a beautiful breezy 70' night in Hartford, CT. We ran the second scramble race and I decided I only want to run these wacky races from now on. It was so much more fun than just pounding out a road race 5K. I think I am coming into a new era of my fitness. I have been swimming a lot this summer and I plan on training for a triatholon next summer. I just have to get a bike :0!!! I have the Running Chick working on that for me. She is the best as we all know! ( i still don't know how to create a hyperlink, sorry).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Maybe Faster Is Better!

Today I ran four miles at a faster pace due to time limits and nothing hurt. I think my form is harmful when I shuffle because I am too tired to get after it and beat feet, as my dad says!

I also swam both Monday and Tuesday at Narragansett Town Beach in Rhode Island, it was absolute HEAVEN! Every summer I go through the same withdrawal, panicking about not swimming in the ocean for a whole year. I am skeeming right now thinking of how I can get one more day in before school starts!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

How much is too much?

I have been running very responsibly this summer, only about three-four mile runs for about 4 days/week with a longer run one weekend day. Usually only logging in about 20ish miles per week. BUT my hip is still moaning a little and my knee on my other leg is causing me a little discomfort while running as well. I just don't feel like I am running enough to warrant any pain.

An interesting note is that I ran with two buddies this am and we ran a faster pace for about seven miles and I felt fine. Do you think I am just lonely during the week and all the little pains come to my attention?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Uphill Battles

Have you ever had a run that seemed uphill the whole darn run? I had one of those today. I was running in one of the most quaint, beautiful New England town centers enjoying the scenery and lovely homes with their gardens and I started to feel like, "what the hell, when do I just get to flat land?" It was one of those loops that was square and the first three roads were uphill and the fourth was a straight downhill. The last downhill kinda sucked, my legs were used to the uphill climbs and going downhill made them wobbly and my knee hurt a little. It was still pretty and awesome temp., so I am on to the rest of my day!

Today is my little brother's birthday, so I HAVE to take him out for ice cream, I just have to!!! And tonight I am hosting a Lia Sophia jewelry party, jewelry is a close second to chocolate when it comes to my obsessions! And it is so great because now I have the money to buy some! WOOHOO!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Back to Reality

I just spent a week at Cape Cod, MA. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the BEACH!!!!. Have I expressed my love and gratitude about this miracle. I love the sand, the salt water, the rocks, the waves, the lifeguards ;), the food while I eating at the beach, everything! I always leave the beach saying that I going to live closer to the ocean. Right now I am only about forty minutes away from the sound (no waves) and about a hour away from the ocean shore (big waves). I want to be like 15 minutes away from big waves water. I am a big wave chick, I live for bodysurfing and love the thrill of the waves. On our last day at the cape, we had gigantic waves and got my ass handed to me. But even that I love, I love seeing how powerful the earth is and how insignificant we as individuals really are. It makes me really grateful to be alive!

I ran my little heart out while at the cape as well. It always fun to run in a new place. I love running through little neighborhoods, checking out the property for sale.

My son recovered from his pneumonia just in time to have an awesome vacation. He was just sick for about the first day, but like me, he lives for the waves and willed himself to recover! Thanks for the well wishes and advice!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Head for the trails!

Today when I woke up at 6am to run it was a steamy 80' with 115%humidity. HOLY CRAP it was hot!!! I ran about a mile to the middle school track, did a lousy mile of intervals on the track then headed off the black track for the black road. When I didn't think I could stand it anymore, I found a trail behind the local university. IT WAS DIVINE.....I swear it was ten degrees cooler in the woods and I don't know if maybe I am not sweet enough, but no bugs bothered me in there either. I love trails for the cushioning on my joints, but now with the temp. factor, I will be heading for the trails more often.

My summer fun has come to a screeching halt since son #1 has walking pnemonia. It is scary and I hate that he is so sick, but I am a little bummed out that our regular summer adventures are on hold until he recovers. From what I know it could be awhile for that to happen. Anyone know when I can expect him to feel better?