Friday, October 27, 2006

The above photos are from last week's awesome

race. It was a beautiful autumn day and we all had a blast.

This week when I went swimming, I got the same feeling you get when you are a little kid and you can't wait to jump in. I was thrilled to see that water. It is so funny because it isn't even a nice pool, it is old and junky actually! But it had clean water and that's all that matters.

Running has been awesome this week too. I ran twice at a very strong pace. That is my new goal, to run with intention. I plan on only running four days per week, with yoga and swimming taking the other two and one day of rest. So far my plan has worked, we'll see!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mystic Ten Miler Race Report

Well, what a beautiful day for a race! Sunny, 50s, with a light breeze. It was easy to know what to wear - shorts and a t-shirt - although half way through the race, I wished for a tanktop. I hosted a birthday party for my brother in law last night, so I was tired, but I did get enough sleep. My sister and youngest son left at 8:30, stopped for coffee and bagels and arrived in Rocky Neck state park by 9:30. The race started at 10:00 and I had plenty of time to change and have a short warm up.

The race started without a hitch but somewhere there was a break in the plan with the ten miler route and we got all screwed up. I met up with a wonderful friend running her first marathon at about mile 2 and we ran together for about four more miles until she had to buckle down and get to business. I felt good those first six miles, but around mile seven even going downhill was an effort. The mile markers were very screwed up at that point and I could not tell how I was doing with my pacing. I arrived at mile 8 with 1:06 on my watch, but I know I was running faster than that. Then at mile 9, my watch was two minutes faster than the race clock, I don't know what happened. Then I finished in 1:26, a minute slower than last year. I just feel like I was running faster than that finishing time, but I'll never know what really happened, but that is how the cookie crumbles.

After the race, I was joined with my entourage and we gobbled down chowder and chips and crispy creme donuts, YUM! Then we walked on the beach while we waited for our friend to come in from the marathon. And boy did she ever come in!!! She finished in 3:34 and looked great! I was so proud to even know her! Did I mention that she is only 18 years old and this was her first marathon!?!

Another great running day!!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Queen of the Slow Run

Ran two very slow paced runs this weekend. I just could not move my ass. I am fighting a head cold that actually I think it won. I ran just to get the gunk out of my lungs. It was also the first below 30' mornings we've had since last year and it was COLD!

I did a very stupid thing, I bought a bag of Halloween candy already. It almost gone. I guess I better run out and buy another one before they are all gone :)

Gearing up for my next race. A ten miler in Mystic, CT. It is such a fun race, it is part of the Mystic Places Marathon and it starts and finishes on a beach, which all of you know is my favorite place in the whole world to be.

I am totally is awe of the Running Chick, qualifying for Boston in the Hartford Marathon yesterday. She is my inspiration! Read about it at, you will love it!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I hate McMansions

I just have to rant a little today. I enjoyed a beautiful eight miler today in the quaint New England farm town of Lebanon, Ct today. But there must be a Rotweiler breeder in town raking in the big dough, because I saw about three of them on my run. But I have to admit they really didn't even care about me, it's like they were saying, "Yeah, I could eat her for a snack ,but that would be so lame." I do like dogs, but not when I am running.

My other rant is to the pompous ass that decided to build his gigantic McMansion right in the middle of a breathtaking vista. Sure he has a beautiful veiw now, but the REST of us have to look at his ugly house. What is happening in this country that everything has to be bigger? Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger sunglasses, what is the big idea?

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Today I ran with two of my favorite running pals and we just ran where the trails took us. It was a lot of fun, we decided to explore a trail that they are blazing for a local trust that is in our area and let's just say there really isn't a trail there yet. It was beautiful though and quite a slow pace!! I love spur of the moment urges that work out! You can't do that when you are marathon training!!

Monday, October 02, 2006


I am totally freaking out about the Amish School shooting. I just can not fathom what happens to a person that would make him commit such a crime. I do not understand how a parent deals with such a loss either. My son is reading a book entitled GoneBoy written by a dad who lost his son to a college crime spree. Maybe I should read it.