Sunday, October 15, 2006

Queen of the Slow Run

Ran two very slow paced runs this weekend. I just could not move my ass. I am fighting a head cold that actually I think it won. I ran just to get the gunk out of my lungs. It was also the first below 30' mornings we've had since last year and it was COLD!

I did a very stupid thing, I bought a bag of Halloween candy already. It almost gone. I guess I better run out and buy another one before they are all gone :)

Gearing up for my next race. A ten miler in Mystic, CT. It is such a fun race, it is part of the Mystic Places Marathon and it starts and finishes on a beach, which all of you know is my favorite place in the whole world to be.

I am totally is awe of the Running Chick, qualifying for Boston in the Hartford Marathon yesterday. She is my inspiration! Read about it at, you will love it!

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Wes said...

Nothing like a little cold weather to clear your lungs, and sinuses, and everything else... Thanks for the reminder on the candy. Got to get my chocolate this week!!