Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Oh Boy, I've Been Tagged!

Yayy, I feel like I am in the cool crowd, this the first time I have been tagged!Now I have to run back to Robb Runner's site and figure out what I am answering!
Okay, I'm back!

Four Jobs
ice cream scooper
farmstand cashier
hotdog stand short order cook

Four Movies I Love to Watch Over and Over
Napoleon Dynamite
Dirty Dancing
Breaking Away
Any Rocky movies

Four Places I Have Lived (haven't gone far!)
Weymouth, MA
Chaplin, CT
Storrs-University of CT
Willimantic, CT

Four TV shows I watch
General Hospital
Sex and the City reruns
Desparate Housewives
How to Look Ten Years Younger
(oh my god, these aren't even jokes!)

Four Vacations I have taken
Martha's Vineyard, MA
Carribean Islands - a whole bunch of cruises
West Lafayette, IN - vacationed while my dad attended Purdue University
Cape Cod, MA

Four websites I visit

Four Foods I Love
lobster - well any seafood really
ice cream

Four places I would rather be
At the beach bodysurfing with my boys
Reading a good book on my hammock
Running on the trails with the Sat. am group
Eating a huge plate of nachos and drinking margaritas with my husband

Four bands I listen to
Dixie Chicks
Bonnie Raitt
Allison Krauss and the estreet band
Gretchen Wilson

Four bloggers I tag
Running chick
dawn on the run
mia goddess

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Wow, it's been a while

I have been so busy, I haven't had time to write about running or hardly any time to run either! I worked at the Nipmuck Trail Marathon in May and I had soooo much fun, I want to run it next year. I have been busy finishing up the school year for my three boys and my own class. Why do schools wait till June to do all their activities? I also have been raking in the dough selling "toys" and now Arbonne skin care products as well. Selling toys is a LOT more fun than selling makeup, but my friends are selling Arbonne and it is a good excuse to get together with them! I'll write more when I am not going crazy with baseball, band concerts, sex toy are make up parties, boyscout camp outs ( I wonder if my son could get fired from scouts if they found out what his mother does for a side business, hhmmmm something to think about), running races, graduations, and so on and so on!