Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comparative Analysis of Half Marathons in OH and CT

Yes I really am that actually I am only a little geeky.

Let's start with Ohio, Last Chance for Boston...Marathon. We walked out of our hotel and found the start and finish line. That was pretty cool, so easy. It was cold and rainy though. The race was a mile loop in an industrial park. Yes the marathoners had to run a mile loop 26 times. It was pretty nuts. Thirteen miles was enough for me. It was cool to have 1/4 mile markers and music and water every mile though. It was also easy for my kiddos to cheer us on. They came out at mile 6 or so and then again out at 10, then we ate some good post race food of yummy pizza, banana and candy and went swimming while we waited for my stepdad to finish the marathon.

We went to cheer him on at mile 20 and he was looking tired but determined and knew it would be very close for him to BQ. By the time we got back out there to check on him, it was mile 24 and pretty clear that BQing was out of the question but he finished with his head held high just under 4 hours.

My half marathon time was 1:53 and I was extremely sore and tired. Sorta funny to be so sore on such a flat course. My training was pretty lame and I would say that accounted for the slower time and muscle soreness.

Fast forward six days and a whirlwind roadtrip home and that would bring us to the Colchester Half Marathon in CT. It was cold and snowy and we had just received about 5 inches of ice and snow the night before. Great race conditions not for a PR, but definitely a fun time with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to follow.

The Colchester Half is VERY VERY VERY hilly, did I say it was hilly??? It is also very scenic through rolling farm country with two dirt roads that were not only VERY HILLY but also VERY SLIPPERY!! I ran the first 6 miles or so at a relaxed pace, but then I was passed on a gigantic hill at mile 8 by a woman in spandex with a wedgie that just looked so painful. I pulled ahead of her at a water stop at mile 9 and put the legs in gear to haul ass the rest of the distance. I just couldn't look at the wedgie for the last five miles.

My new "friend" (what do you a person you are dating when you are almost 40 and not quite divorced yet?) met up with me in his car at mile 11 and I had him do the look back and tell me how far Wedgie was behind me. He told me 100 yards, but I heard feet and said oh crap I have to keep running fast. The last two miles of this marathon are uphill and a battle of mental toughness. I got to the top at 2:04 and was so happy to be done. Never to see Wedgie again...

Not very much stiffness and felt very good. I did have some cramping in my stomach muscles when I changed my clothes though. Nothing a few deep breaths couldn't take care of.

Now I am not sure what is next on the race schedule. Have to look around. Gotta go make dinner now, ciao!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Greetings from Dublin, Ohio

My boys, stepdad and I left yesterday at 5pm to trek out to Dublin, Ohio for the Last Chance for Boston Marathon. Although teachers get tons of vacations, we don't get "vacation time", so I couldn't leave any earlier. We made it to Pennsylvania at 8pm and stopped at Wendy's for some slam food.

I fell asleep whenever I wasn't driving. I took the wheel at 1:30-3:00, then again to finish the trek from 4-5. The most notable experience so far on this road trip was the awesome truck stop we checked out to pee at about 3am. We walked in and could only find a men's room, of course. Then there were 9 "private" showers, pretty intriguing, my littlest son and I tried to check them out but they were locked. Also there was a tv room with about 25 comfy chairs, each equipped with an ashtray. There was a laundry room too. And a gameroom for the truckers that want to play pool.

There was also a plethora of items for sale; you could buy some "deer poo", really chocolates. Or any type of map light. A little bookmark with "God's Garden" printed on it. I am sure there were more interesting things to buy, but my eyes were rather bleary at that time.

My stepdad noticed that he was entitled to a "free" car cloth with a ten dollar purchase, since we are driving down in a gigantic van, the gas was definitely more than ten dollars. At 3am, one of the salesladies actually gave him a hard time about giving him his stupid free cloth, the second lady finally said "just give him the dang cloth" realizing that when my stepdad wants something, he is going to get it.

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza at 5am. My youngest son slept most of the night in the back of the gigantic van and wasn't tired. He read the hotel book and a factual book about Columbus till 7am, the rest of us crashed hard. I woke up at 8:30 to take care of my cutie pie and brought him to the computer center to play. Here is now type this entry while many many skinny people in swishy pants walk by and try to intimidate me. Lucky for me, my eyes have not been able to focus fully yet!!!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Road Trip To Ohio

My boys, stepdad and I are hopping in his gas guzzling gigantic white van and driving ten hours to Ohio next Friday to run. My stepdad is obsessed with qualifying for Boston and this race just happens to be entitled, The Last Chance for Boston...Marathon.

It is a one mile loop course. Four feet of elevation. That is shorter than my 8 year old.

I am registered for the half marathon and feel pretty psyched. I have fell in love with running again. Last year I was totally into the triathloning, but with the pool closing "temporarily" (since September!!), I have had to change my focus. I checked the results for my age group for that last three years and I should place, possibly come in first even. I can really push myself because I have the whole next week off due to February vacation. Gotta love the teachers' schedule, baby!!!

Check out the race at

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day

Well it was cloudy at sunrise this am in Ct., so I declare that on my little parcel of dirt, the groundhog did NOT see his shadow and that would mean an EARLY SPRING!!!!! I hope that damn rodent is right, I could use a little more sunshine in my life. I just get so tired so early during the winter. If I get home at 6pm and don't have any meetings or practices to go to that evening, then I change into my pajamas AT 6 PM!!!! It is so pathetic. I wouldn't dream of putting pajamas on if it was light out. Now as I type this I realize the groundhog can make time move any faster, he can only predict temperature, right? Oh my goodness, I need more sleep I think. I can't believe I am writing about this...