Sunday, February 24, 2008

Comparative Analysis of Half Marathons in OH and CT

Yes I really am that actually I am only a little geeky.

Let's start with Ohio, Last Chance for Boston...Marathon. We walked out of our hotel and found the start and finish line. That was pretty cool, so easy. It was cold and rainy though. The race was a mile loop in an industrial park. Yes the marathoners had to run a mile loop 26 times. It was pretty nuts. Thirteen miles was enough for me. It was cool to have 1/4 mile markers and music and water every mile though. It was also easy for my kiddos to cheer us on. They came out at mile 6 or so and then again out at 10, then we ate some good post race food of yummy pizza, banana and candy and went swimming while we waited for my stepdad to finish the marathon.

We went to cheer him on at mile 20 and he was looking tired but determined and knew it would be very close for him to BQ. By the time we got back out there to check on him, it was mile 24 and pretty clear that BQing was out of the question but he finished with his head held high just under 4 hours.

My half marathon time was 1:53 and I was extremely sore and tired. Sorta funny to be so sore on such a flat course. My training was pretty lame and I would say that accounted for the slower time and muscle soreness.

Fast forward six days and a whirlwind roadtrip home and that would bring us to the Colchester Half Marathon in CT. It was cold and snowy and we had just received about 5 inches of ice and snow the night before. Great race conditions not for a PR, but definitely a fun time with a tremendous feeling of accomplishment to follow.

The Colchester Half is VERY VERY VERY hilly, did I say it was hilly??? It is also very scenic through rolling farm country with two dirt roads that were not only VERY HILLY but also VERY SLIPPERY!! I ran the first 6 miles or so at a relaxed pace, but then I was passed on a gigantic hill at mile 8 by a woman in spandex with a wedgie that just looked so painful. I pulled ahead of her at a water stop at mile 9 and put the legs in gear to haul ass the rest of the distance. I just couldn't look at the wedgie for the last five miles.

My new "friend" (what do you a person you are dating when you are almost 40 and not quite divorced yet?) met up with me in his car at mile 11 and I had him do the look back and tell me how far Wedgie was behind me. He told me 100 yards, but I heard feet and said oh crap I have to keep running fast. The last two miles of this marathon are uphill and a battle of mental toughness. I got to the top at 2:04 and was so happy to be done. Never to see Wedgie again...

Not very much stiffness and felt very good. I did have some cramping in my stomach muscles when I changed my clothes though. Nothing a few deep breaths couldn't take care of.

Now I am not sure what is next on the race schedule. Have to look around. Gotta go make dinner now, ciao!


Wes said...

Nice job on the racing! You are a half marathon guru :-) Glad you beat Wedgie too :-D

Melissa J. said...

Hey! The hubby (Jank) sent me your link. I ran Colchester last Saturday too. I don't think I could have been wedgie woman, but I finished just behind you at 2:05 something. I had on a bright pink nike softshell and black polar fleece pants. Those hills are something else. I think I would like to run it again when the roads are in better shape. Congrats on a good run! Missy

Run for Chocolate said...

Melissa, you were not Wedgie woman. She had wild pants on, I think I saw you. I was wearing a teal blue shirt and black spandex. I will post a photo when my new "friend" sends it to me.