Friday, December 19, 2008

woo hoo a snow day!

To put a nice relaxing end to my work week, Mother Nature gave us our first snow storm of the year. But better yet, is that the snow isn't coming till noon and we have the whole day off!!! I know all you suckers at work right now are hating teachers!

Today I am going to bake my butt off and make a few Christmas gifts and finish some shopping.

Maybe I will have time to catch up with reading blogs. I miss you guys.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Just check out my week:
Mon-meeting till 4:30, basketball prac at 6, yoga at 6:15

Tues-not sure of anything, give me time!

Wed-Boys haircut at 3:30, basketball prac at 6, high school winter concert at 7

Thurs-my haircut at 4, middle winter concert at 7, basketball game at 6:45

Fri-doctor's appt (its okay cuz he is cute and kinda flirty!!) at 5, basketball prac at 6, art class at 6

Sat-basketball game at 10:45, gingerbread house making party at 3

Sun-church at 10:30, family party at 12, friend party at 3

Some time in there I have to finish my Christmas shopping! Oh yeah and I have to find time to wrap as well!

Oh and I have a load of wood coming on Mon morning that will need stacking. Thank goodness I have three strong boys to do that!

I have been running very little but also have been sick. I am fine with this needed break from running hard. This light running is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Happy Holidays everyone!