Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazy Busy!

Just check out my week:
Mon-meeting till 4:30, basketball prac at 6, yoga at 6:15

Tues-not sure of anything, give me time!

Wed-Boys haircut at 3:30, basketball prac at 6, high school winter concert at 7

Thurs-my haircut at 4, middle winter concert at 7, basketball game at 6:45

Fri-doctor's appt (its okay cuz he is cute and kinda flirty!!) at 5, basketball prac at 6, art class at 6

Sat-basketball game at 10:45, gingerbread house making party at 3

Sun-church at 10:30, family party at 12, friend party at 3

Some time in there I have to finish my Christmas shopping! Oh yeah and I have to find time to wrap as well!

Oh and I have a load of wood coming on Mon morning that will need stacking. Thank goodness I have three strong boys to do that!

I have been running very little but also have been sick. I am fine with this needed break from running hard. This light running is relaxing and rejuvenating.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Legs and Wings said...

So, you'll have a Merry Christmas anyway right? I find that I'm extremely busy too. Everybody has to stick to the schedule or else...