Saturday, February 16, 2008

Greetings from Dublin, Ohio

My boys, stepdad and I left yesterday at 5pm to trek out to Dublin, Ohio for the Last Chance for Boston Marathon. Although teachers get tons of vacations, we don't get "vacation time", so I couldn't leave any earlier. We made it to Pennsylvania at 8pm and stopped at Wendy's for some slam food.

I fell asleep whenever I wasn't driving. I took the wheel at 1:30-3:00, then again to finish the trek from 4-5. The most notable experience so far on this road trip was the awesome truck stop we checked out to pee at about 3am. We walked in and could only find a men's room, of course. Then there were 9 "private" showers, pretty intriguing, my littlest son and I tried to check them out but they were locked. Also there was a tv room with about 25 comfy chairs, each equipped with an ashtray. There was a laundry room too. And a gameroom for the truckers that want to play pool.

There was also a plethora of items for sale; you could buy some "deer poo", really chocolates. Or any type of map light. A little bookmark with "God's Garden" printed on it. I am sure there were more interesting things to buy, but my eyes were rather bleary at that time.

My stepdad noticed that he was entitled to a "free" car cloth with a ten dollar purchase, since we are driving down in a gigantic van, the gas was definitely more than ten dollars. At 3am, one of the salesladies actually gave him a hard time about giving him his stupid free cloth, the second lady finally said "just give him the dang cloth" realizing that when my stepdad wants something, he is going to get it.

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza at 5am. My youngest son slept most of the night in the back of the gigantic van and wasn't tired. He read the hotel book and a factual book about Columbus till 7am, the rest of us crashed hard. I woke up at 8:30 to take care of my cutie pie and brought him to the computer center to play. Here is now type this entry while many many skinny people in swishy pants walk by and try to intimidate me. Lucky for me, my eyes have not been able to focus fully yet!!!

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Wes said...

Hope you have a great trip :-)