Sunday, October 08, 2006

I hate McMansions

I just have to rant a little today. I enjoyed a beautiful eight miler today in the quaint New England farm town of Lebanon, Ct today. But there must be a Rotweiler breeder in town raking in the big dough, because I saw about three of them on my run. But I have to admit they really didn't even care about me, it's like they were saying, "Yeah, I could eat her for a snack ,but that would be so lame." I do like dogs, but not when I am running.

My other rant is to the pompous ass that decided to build his gigantic McMansion right in the middle of a breathtaking vista. Sure he has a beautiful veiw now, but the REST of us have to look at his ugly house. What is happening in this country that everything has to be bigger? Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger sunglasses, what is the big idea?


Wes said...

I echo your pompous ass thing :-) Nice job on the eight miles!!

Robb said...

Money does wierd things to people. I'm not much for big ass new things either. You're bang on girl!!

Anonymous said...

To much ego in our society is for sure.