Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gearing Up for NEW HAVEN!!

I am getting psyched for the New Haven 20K Road Race. It is so funny how if this was a half-marathon, I would be totally stressing out about the distance, but because it is a whole .7 of a mile shorter, I feel like it is cake!

I love the New Haven 20K, it trails through the city of New Haven and through all these cool inner city neighborhoods and there are these little kids asking if you want to be sprayed by their hoses and you totally make their day when you say yes.

One year I ran the race, it was pouring rain and I missed the kids. One funny thing I remember about that year was that it was POURING and my girlfriends clothes started foaming!! Too much clothes detergent :)) It was hysterical and very wet! That same year, I took the free beer, because it was just one of those days and I don't regularly drink beer, but that beer tasted sooooo good. I tried drinking the type of beer at dinner once, but did not get the same taste. I guess you have to run a 20K first to appreciate the taste!


Wes said...

A race with free beer! I think I luv New Haven :-)

Jank said...

Hope to see you there! I was pleasantly surprised at New Haven last year - one of the most fun races I've ever done!

And you're right - the 20K vs the Half Marathon makes a HUGE difference psychologically.

Running Chick said...

I always tell people that the beer I drink at the end of that race is the best, sweetest beer of the whole year. It tastes even better on a warm day, but honestly...the weather doesn't really change how awesome it is all that much.

See you there!

Robb said...

Hey Chocolady...looks like you are psyched girl. That's awesome possum! Great photos.

TriSaraTops said...

Have a great race! Sounds like FUN!