Saturday, August 19, 2006

How much is too much?

I have been running very responsibly this summer, only about three-four mile runs for about 4 days/week with a longer run one weekend day. Usually only logging in about 20ish miles per week. BUT my hip is still moaning a little and my knee on my other leg is causing me a little discomfort while running as well. I just don't feel like I am running enough to warrant any pain.

An interesting note is that I ran with two buddies this am and we ran a faster pace for about seven miles and I felt fine. Do you think I am just lonely during the week and all the little pains come to my attention?


Jon (was) in Michigan said...

I know when I am racing, if someone else is there that I know, I will run better/faster. I think it just makes you perform better.

Wes said...

You probably know better than me, but maybe the repetitive stress might be affecting your knee and IBL or IBT muscle on your hip, LOL. I'm such a non expert. You might just need a little adjustment to your form, like running on the opposite side of the road or something. You'll figure it out.