Friday, August 25, 2006

xtreme scramble #2

Last night was a beautiful breezy 70' night in Hartford, CT. We ran the second scramble race and I decided I only want to run these wacky races from now on. It was so much more fun than just pounding out a road race 5K. I think I am coming into a new era of my fitness. I have been swimming a lot this summer and I plan on training for a triatholon next summer. I just have to get a bike :0!!! I have the Running Chick working on that for me. She is the best as we all know! ( i still don't know how to create a hyperlink, sorry).


Wes said...

Nice pics! I'm trying to pic you out, but I cant seem to find anyone that is almost 40 years old ;-) You go for that tri! I'm entirely jealous that you are going to get yours in next year.

Running Rabbit said...

Love the pics!