Thursday, July 05, 2007

Boom Box Mile

Yesterday, my family and I raced in a mile race that happens right before this huge parade in our town. The race runs the same route as the parade, so the runners get a lot of support. It is a lot of fun. The results are as follows:
Tommy, age 14 finished in 5:30
Me, age 38 finished in 6:37
M.E., my sister, age 19 finished in 7:00
Travis, age 8, finished 8:07
Wouldn't you know we all placed in our age groups except for Tommy, the fastest of us all. He had a lot of competition in his age group.

Then we went to a party where I ate WAAAAAYYYYY too much food, I am feeling it this morning.


Wes said...

Nice mile! I luv the pic with ice cream all over the faces! Very cool :-)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Wow! Those are some speedy folks in that family. Nice job!