Friday, September 08, 2006

Swimming - a new love

I have officially begun my quest to become a triathlete. I got the running thing down, I think. I am not that fast, but fast enough for me. The public preschool program I work for is housed in our town's old high school and low and behold there is a pool right at my school. I have started swimming at 5:30am on Thursday mornings, the janitor lets me in and makes sure I am not drowning. My oldest son also plans on joining me as well as another friend. My only problem is that I am not the best swimmer. I am struggling with the whole breathing routine, but I am excited about getting better. I absolutely LOVE the water and am glad I have the guts to pursue this goal.

My school year has begun and I am going to be running my big ass off this year. I have two little ones with some pretty significant delays and they eat everything from playdough to tape and if you piss them off you should expect them to try to eat you! My plan is to wear long sleeve shirts to rest of the school year, pray for an early Fall!


Run for Chocolate said...

Oh yeah, in response to Robb's comment last entry. The woman next to me had an awful running form. She appeared to be almost falling over while running and it really pissed me off that I was as slow as she was!

Wes said...

I am excited that you are beginning your journey to a triathalon. Following you will prepare me for my own entry sometime next year. As with running, your swimming will only get better. Rock on, Chocolate! Rock on!