Sunday, September 03, 2006

Follower or Leader??

Have you ever wondered if you are a follower or a leader. I went on a trail run with my buddies yesterday morning and I had no freakin' idea where the hell I was and I could care less. I loved just going with the flow trusting that our leader knew where he was going. I have no problem in a leadership role either though. Once a month I am the host of the run and I really get excited thinking about where I am going to take me friends. I think for me the role as follower is comfortable for me only when the leader is someone I can trust. And in that trusting situation, I really love not having to worry or caretake. It is so relaxing to just let someone else do the work!

Ready for New Haven, now the big decision of what to wear. Almost as anxiety producing as a first date! Luckily I don't have as many clothes to choose from!


Wes said...

I have found that on the field, I am an excellent referee. In the business world, I am the consumate second man. I have a talent for making other people's ideas a reality.

Running Rabbit said...

Is this an excuse to go shopping???