Saturday, September 30, 2006

Marathon Envy

There are so many people in my life training for marathons right now. I feel sort of like I am in a funk about not running a marathon this Fall. Usually I am sooooo happy I am not running one, but I think I got bit by the bug running Boston this year. The Boston Marathon is such an awesome experience, it is beyond words. I am now considering really marathon training, you know actually follow a plan and bite the bullet and speed train so I can actual qualify to run Boston and not depend on getting my number from nice relatives that live in Boston. Oh well, we'll see, I'll be watching all the bloggers and my friends and live vicariously through them this year!


Wes said...

You ran Boston? That is way cool!

robtherunner said...

I say the best way to cure marathon envy is to sign up and start training.