Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Yeah, it's HUMP day!

Yes today is Wednesday ;) I woke up, ran three effortless, pain-free miles, lifted weights, and now I am eating whole grain waffles with blueberries while I update my beloved blog! I was feeling discouraged after Sat. group run because I had such a hard time staying with the group. I think when we run on trails I don't know how far back I am and then of course I don't really care, but when I could see how far back I was on the road, it kinda sucked. My partner that is usually back there with me is away for two weeks, so I have to brave another week without him. Running chick says she will circle back and get me, so that will definitely help! Thanks, Dianna, you know you've reached a certain runner's status when you are the one that circles back for people, you really rock, super speedy running chick!!

BUT since Saturday, my runs have felt AWESOME. I love it that when that happens. It's just like everything is well rested, well oiled and ready to run. I hope the feeling continues for a while.

Today is also a happy day for me, because I am getting my haircut. I LOVE getting my haircut. Well actually I love any activity that is about nurturing myself. That is one good reason to have some disposable income, massages, facials, pedicures, shopping - they are all good! I may have to cut back on some though, so I can get a road bike for my triathlon. I keep telling my husband, no jewelry for xmas, I want a bike. But I don't think he will be able to control himself, he has thing about having to get me jewelry. I don't know, I guess I could have bigger problems!!


Wes said...

Well, as a gift impaired hubby, I would certainly have no problem getting my wife a bike if I knew that was what she wanted, LOL. Delighted you are having a great week. Run with it!

Robb said...

Hey, it's good to hear about your good runs - despite falling behind a bit. Don't worry about that stuff - enjoy the moment out there.

robtherunner said...

Oh yeah, effortless and pain free runs are the best kind. I hope those continue for you especially while your running partner is away.