Sunday, September 30, 2007

I am getting better, yippee!!

About six weeks ago, I almost threw in the towel, but I am very resilient and have three boys counting on me so I knew I had to figure this whole abusive relationship thing out.

First I thought about my own physical well being. I developed a four point plan. The first being to eat more protein and more food in general as well as be vigilant about taking my vitamin supplements. I have done that and feel much better. My hair was starting to fall out in large quantities and my skin was rashy, both as a result of stress and not eating. My hair is better, my skin is getting there.

Second was to get two half hour massages a month. My massage therapist loves me and told me I was going to her for two full hours/month and she was only charging me at the half rate. Love her.

Third was to get back into yoga. Started that last week and pretty much cried threw the whole thing, but it was what I needed.

Fourth was to stay as far away from Eric I could. This was a biggie. I was able to keep my interactions down to a minimum and now am able to see his crazy behavior for what it is: crazy. I am able to be much more objective and realize I have very little to do with his behavior. Yesterday he was mad at me and no lie he called my cell phone and house phone over 40 times!!! I was able to not answer and also asked my dear friend to call him for me and try to help him figure out what he was doing was harrassment and well fucking nuts. It sorta worked, but he called my cell phone about 10 times today, so it only sorta worked.

As far as running goes, I got 15 miles in today, but my hip was screaming after about 7 miles. Good thing for numbers 2 and 3 of my plan. Yoga and massage should do the trick.

After my hairdresser heard about my new de-stressing program, she also suggested sex is always a good de-stress activity too! Only thing is I would have to let someone new see me naked and that is not happening!


Robb said...

You're a tough nut and you'll get through this rough patch. I like your attitude.

Wes said...

I knew you were dealing with some crap, but I had no idea. Awwww, I'm so sorry. Taking care of yourself has to be your top priority. Only when you are properly taken care of will be you optimally prepared to help others, and your kids need you :-)

Now, I've seen your pic, and you are pretty woman... So don't try to go all shy on us and all... :-)

robtherunner said...

Take care of yourself and I will concur with Wes about your looks. Your HOT and a worthy man would be lucky to see you naked :)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Egads! Nothing like a psycho ex. I hope he's calming down, Beth. You don't deserve harassment like that.

I had to laugh when your massage therapist suggested sex because I thought she was going to suggest something else after that! I'm a perv. :)