Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Runners Need Protein - duh

I know I sound dumb, but I have to tell you how remarkably different I feel since I have started drinking a protein shake after running. I have been drinking one after running to refuel my muscles, but I also have started drinking more of them on the days that are crazy busy and I may not eat properly. Everything about me feels better, my outward appearance, my muscles, lungs TODO (that means everything in spanish).

todo, todo, todo I mean everything!!

The benefits did not take long to experience either. I felt them after about a week of drinking shakes right after a workout. So get to your GNC store and ask for a good protein powder. I got mine from my naturalopathic doctor, it contains no gluten. But I think GNC would be as good a place as any to find some.

(I think I spelled naturalopathic wrong but you get the drift. Also, when I say everything is better I even mean libido - i have been crazy horny lately- which is a little frustrating since the only person I have had sex with is myself for quite sometime!!!- that probably fits into the "TOO MUCH INFORMATION" category, huh?)


Jon (was) in Michigan said...


There are so many thoughts that come to mind while reading this, that I am completely speechless.

*rushes off to buy protein shakes for wife

Wes said...

jon, ROFL... Me too :-)

After I started drinking Accelerade, I noticed the difference right away. I wonder if a protein shake would be even better? I'll ponder that...

Well, we did say sex would relieve stress... Nobody said you had to have it with someone else :-O

Robert said...

Luckily I bought a CytoSport Muscle Milk Chocolate Caramel Pecan at just $29.99 by using GNC Promotional Codes.....!!!