Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Proud Mama Shout Out!

Since I am truly a single mother of my two older children, I don't have anyone to share in their accomplishments. Sooooo I have decided to rave about my children over the blogger world! My oldest son ran in his first cross country meet of his high school career today and he finished his 5K run in 20:31 and he said he could have ran even faster but didn't want to beat his teammates. He came fourth overall out of about 30 runners. He was so proud and so was I!!!

This weekend he participates in a HUGE invitational at our local high school. Over 2500 runners will be heading to our area to run their little butts off! I'll let you know how he does!


Wes said...

Awesome! Tell'em his team mates don't like beating him. Do his best :-)

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Holy moly that's fast!

And yeah, tell him to whip his team mates if he wants. They'll respect him for it. :)