Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I actually like speedwork!?!

Seven of my Willimantic Athletic Club members (ie WAC-Os) have begun a six week speedwork plan. We meet every Tuesday night at a local track at 6pm to run four 1000meter repeats. Our goal is to complete the 1000meters in under 4:30 at 90% of our heart rate. We rest for three minutes in between each interval. I know I sound nuts, but I like it. I think the fact that my friends are there is the reason. But I feel really strong too.

I am psyched because this speedwork session wraps up right before the Memphis Marathon. I hope it helps me to run a faster marathon. I am trying to break the four hour mark this year with the hopes of qualifying for Boston in my 40th year. My qualifying time at 40 years old is 3:50, I really think I could achieve that as long as I remain injury free. I have a challenge from Wes that I would love to accomplish, but lack the confidence and proper training right now, but who knows maybe I'll have a good day and give him a proper birthday present!!!


Wes said...

Hey! It's not a challenge. It's a BIRTHDAY PRESENT. To me :-) Of course!! Ya know what they say about the Yasso 800s? Whatever you run that in minutes translates into what you will run in hours for the marathon. So, if you do 800 meters in 3:50, then you will do 3 hours 50 minutes in the marathon. You go girl!!

Wes said...

Rock the H-O-U-S-E!!!!!! :-)