Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great Kids and Cold Tri Temperatures!

Tommy ran an awesome time at the Windham Invitational. He raced against about 300 freshman from all over CT and finished 29th overall. His time for 2.1 miles was 13:05. He looked great!

My little son, Travis, wants everyone in cyberworld to know that his U-10 soccer team is 3-0.

I am sitting here sipping hot cocoa because I was standing around all day working the rainy, cold check in table. Tomorrow I participate in the Hartford Women's Sprint Tri at 8am. The bike club just moved our teams ride to 9am since the low is supposed to be 40s tomorrow morning. I am freaking out about the temps for tomorrow's race. I am not really worried about the swim since I have a wetsuit (a really sexy one at that!) BUT I am totally scared about the bike ride in wet clothes. I guess I'll bring a warm shirt to throw on at the transition. I hope by the run I'll be warmed up again.

Full report tomorrow!


Michelle said...

Hey, I'll see you in the am. I am selling Bondi bands at the tri!

Wes said...

Have a great race! Tell the young one that 3-0 is an awesome accomplishment. Rock on :-)