Sunday, March 05, 2006

Quick and Dirty Post

I have missed reading everyone's blog's. I have been busy at work with the National Association of Young Children coming to validate that our program should be accredited, they agreed it should! Mucho Stresso for this week at work.

Then I was my niece's godmother at her baptism today. VERY awesome, but lots of work as well to prepare for the party.

Also, I am a HUGE basketball fan and got to watch my son's team advance to the finals today. His team plays at the big dance on Sat., 3/11, can't wait! I also got to cheer on the UCONN Huskies to their regular season Big East Championship game on Sat. Now it is Sunday at 9:40pm and I am waiting for my other son's birthday cupcakes are done baking, I'll will frost them bright and early before work tomorrow morning.

Boring running week, I only ran 20 miles total all week and I kinda sucked at every run. It was miserably cold and then it snowed seven inches on Thursday. In December, I enjoy running in the snow, in March, I hate running in the snow. It is amazing the difference three months make!

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Robb said...

Trust those cupcakes you baked were of the chocolate variety. And, hang in there...any snow now just makes a mess. It won't last long. Soon, the flowers will be bloomin'! Hang tough.