Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Reving up for Boston

Last week after work, I shipped my three wild boys to another house full of wild boys and chugged out a 15 miler. It was not real fast, but fast enough for me. I felt awesome, which is very impressive because one I usually run in the morning and two, I am a preschool teacher and work usually kicks my butt. So on Saturday, I am running a 17 miler and then I will taper down. That's pretty funny since I don't have anything to taper down from!!! I feel great, my legs feel fresh and well-oiled. I think the warm weather has really picked up my running spirit!

BTW, not only am I in the middle of speed training for the 2006 Boston Marathon, I am also starting my new athena goddess business. Last week, I attended two full days of training, which was why I had to run after work on a week night. I am officially a sexpert! Ask me any questions about sexuality and how our products could enhance your life!!! Guess what, there are five different types of orgasms, what do you think of that? Guess you'll have to email me or comment to find out what they are!! Book a party too!


Robb said...

um...I hate to be the one to go first.

Excuse me, doctor? I have this thing...it's...

ooh, that's pretty funny.

So, you're a running sex goddess. You've got it all! What sort of outfit will you wear during the Boston M??

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

lol @ rob!

Good luck in Boston. You are doing great with getting in your runs.