Saturday, March 18, 2006

Pi(es) All Around!

My family and I ran the Pi Race in East Hartford, CT today. It was 3.14 miles long and every finisher received a tabletop pie! Actually they had enough pies for about each participant, volunteer and cheerleader to eat about ten pies each! My six year old son ran today, this was his first race and kicked some butt! I think he finished in under 45 minutes. My ten year old son, that declares he is a thrower not a runner, ran this race in 39 minutes, a personal best for him! Their old mama ran it in just over 25 minutes and took home 2cd place in the submaster division! We had a blast! We were all fighting colds so we used this race to clear all the gunk from our lungs! Sorry to anyone running behind us! Photos to follow!


CJ said...

Well done to you and your boys - its great that they want to run!
By the way, what is a tabletop pie (pardon the ignorance!)

Darrell said...

thanks for stopping by. Were the pies chocolate cream?

Robb said...

Wow, so it can be done! Great that you guys all ran that race together.

The term "table top" pie is new to me. I figure it's a pie that you bake in the oven and slice like a pizza...and bury with mounds of deathly chocolate ice cream... Have I got it right?