Saturday, March 11, 2006


My son's 7&8th grade basketball team won the division championship game today. The score was 63-62 in overtime. It was tension city, baby. My son had some key plays and I am very proud of him and his teammates. The team was comprised of awesome, generous kids and they really knew how to play like a team. Their coaches were a young couple with no children on the team and that definitely helped keep the kids playing well too. The coaches were more objective and able to see the kids' talents and weaknesses. I am still buzzing from the excitement!

My fervor for basketball has generalized to my running. I ran thirteen miles both Sat. and Sun. I felt great both days. Then I went to a kick-ass yoga class with lots of power moves on Monday night. Today I ran an easy 4 miles and was pretty tired due to a lack of sleep. Yes, my house has been attacked by the barf/fever bug that has been knocking kids out all week. Hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight. Everyone seems to be improving.


Robb said...

Basketball has got to be the most exciting sport...sounds like that championship game was a nail-biter!

You logged some serious mileage choc girl...that's great stuff! Hope everybody at your house feels better soon.

Run for Chocolate said...

i like that, choc girl. I think that's my new name!

CJ said...

Congrats on your son's basketball team winning - yay!

Choc girl - yeah, pretty cool!

Sounds like you are really enjoying your running at the momnet - good to hear. Hope it reamins that way.