Saturday, February 25, 2006

We Rocked the Colchester Half Marathon!

We, our town running group, rocked the half marathon in Colchester,CT today. One of our members won the race and we had nine finishers from our club. It was about 20' with a little wind and some breaks of sun. This course was very hilly and at the top of some of the hills, it got very cold.

I started the race strong and continued to feel strong the whole race through. My longest run for awhile has been ten miles, so I was nervous about sputtering out by about nine miles. I kept an even pace for the whole race, I was concentrating extremely hard about my form and keeping everything regular. At about mile four, my left foot was bothering me in the big toe area. I tried to use mind over matter, but by mile six I knew I had to adjust my shoe. By then I had to adjust both shoes. I had tied them too tight, my feet are narrow and I can never seem to find shoes that are tight enough. Well, I had tied these so tight that I caused a blister on my left ankle and my sock had bunched up on my toe. I was very happy after I adjusted and just flew for the next seven miles. My finishing time was 2:05, which I was happy with considering my lack of proper training, the weather conditions, and the major hills. I think this was a greating training race for my next big endeavor: a fourteen mile trail race on Soapstone Mountain, Stafford CT. I can't wait!

Oh another interesting thing happened during this race that had never occured for me before. I bought these cute running socks and wanted to show them off, so I wore my socks on the outside of my awesome winter running pants. Well, now my ankles are rubbed raw from the sticky elastic bottoms. Note to self: do NOT succumb to fashion slavery, dress smart for the conditions;)

Oh one more thing, I am not trying to toot my own horn, but I am not even sore today either:)


Jank said...

WOw - the cold kept me inside today.

Funny but true story - when we were living up that way, the first "long" bike ride I did with the wife was following the half marathon route. Funny that I'd consider running that now.

Anyway, congrats on a good race in awful weather. Hope soapstone is warmer!

CJ said...

Good run - well done!

Fashion and running sometimes don't go together do they!

When is the trail race at Soapstone Mountain?

Jack said...

Toot-toot, great job with the race, you can be proud! Brrr, too cold for me.

Robb said...

Awesome job! That wasn't so bad.

Michelle said...

Good work Beth!

Pamalamadingdong said...

2:05 is awesome...certainly nothing to shake a shoe at.

Well done!