Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ouch, my hip hurts again

I have been running on the trails for the past two weeks and today I ventured out to run a challenging hilly nine mile course on the road. By mile four my hip was tight, by six it plain hurt, by the end I think my endorphins kicked in and the pain was bearable. That was until I tried to stretch it out. Holy cow, my right hip was soooo tight and I think I would describe it as localized agony. There was so much pain but really only in my hip flexor, the rest of my leg is fine. I was able to work out some the build up with stretching and then took a nice hot shower and it definitely feels better now, much looser. I hate pain while I am running. Do you think the hot fudge sundae I ate before bed could have aggravated my joints?!? I guess I will take it easy Monday and Tuesday and see how it feels with a little rest. I am trying to remember when I bought my running shoes, I may need a new pair already. I think I wrote about my new sneakers when I bought them, so perhaps I will peruse my previous posts and find out if it's time to make another flippin' $100.00 investment.

I had a very fun Friday night, not as much fun as Jon's Chocolate Friday, but close! I hosted an Athena's Goddess party and let me tell you we had some FUN! For those in the dark, Athena Goddess is a company that sells products for couples, singles, or triples for that matter to bring more sensuality into your life! The party made $1000, so I received $125 worth of free merchandise! My husband can't wait for my next party! I am actually "toying" with the idea of becoming an athena goddess. I think I would enjoy bringing this joy to people! The trouble I have is coupling my daytime persona as preschool teacher/soccer mom with vampy sex toy dealer by night! I have to work on wording the night time persona with a little more sophistication and I think I could "pull it off" (oh wait a minute, I don't want to do that!)

Well, please send healing thoughts to my hip and tell you how it helped next week!


Michelle said...

that sounds like a great night job. sure beats waitressing! sorry to hear about your hip, that stinks. the boston run is march 12th. hope you can make it!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Well, I hope the hip is healing. And I wanted to make some comment about the nightime sales activities but I'm just speechless! (for once)

CJ said...

Enjoyed reading both your version and Tom's version of the goose attack (or near-attack). It must be nice running with your son.

Interesting night-time occupation you have there!

Hope the hip is okay. I'm pretty sure that hot fudge sundae wouldn't be a problem for the joints!

runr53 said...

Okay, if you start takin things off make sure we get the pictures!, hehe! More stretching and more water for that hip