Sunday, February 12, 2006

Chocolate Cake Saturday

My boys and I furiously baked our three cakes afterschool on Friday night. I made a "Death by Chocolate" cake, my ten year old son made a Milk Chocolate Queen's cake and my six year old son made a Fudge cake. We stirred and beat our little hearts out all evening. Then we frosted and they decorated their cakes on Sat. am. I was too busy looking for basketball uniforms and running with my buddies to decorate my cake with any creativity. It was my demise because they both won "Best in Age" for their cakes and I went home empty-handed. I was soooo proud of two little bakers though. We had to get our entries to the restaurant by 10:00am and it was a mad dash to get everything done. All the stress was so worth the moment of watching my boys ever so carefully walking their chocolate creations up the steps of the cafe. I was near tears, they had worked so hard searching for good recipes, shopping for the ingredients, and then actually making the cakes. They really did most of it by themselves. I helped with the really hard stuff, like taking the cakes out of the pans. We used parchment for two of the three cakes which make the job a lot easier, but for the my youngest son we forgot to line the pan. But that is what frosting is for, to cover up any cake imperfections.

You can imagine the pride I felt when at 3:00pm they were anounced as the winners in their age brackets.... the ten year old was the only entry but we're not focusing on that!;) The adult contest was really fun too. I did not win, but the judges did provide some great feedback and ideas for improvment for next year. The only complaint I had about the contest was that they gave the woman who baked the best cake overall all of the other awards as well. She won best taste, best presentation, and best texture on top of winning the best overall. I always think of contests as giving a top prize to the best entry, but then spreading the cheer when it comes to the sub-categories. Maybe I am wrong. I always sort of wonder about races that don't count the top male and female in age group winner. Am I making sense?

I was a winner in one competetion this week. We have a race series in our town and I am the winner for my age group!! Not because I am the speediest, but I ran the most races and accumulated the most points! Yeah for me!

I have to go eat some cake! Bye!


Running Chick said...

woohoo for chocolate cakes and awards!!

and i agree about 'double-dipping' on need for that...spread the cheer indeed!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Congrats on the age group win. And yeah for the kids. I agree the awards should have been spread around. Yours sounded tasty.

Jank said...

Great job to all! Though with three chocolate cakes coming out of the house, sounds like a lot of running for this week!

Anonymous said...

I agree with spreading the cheer! Chocolate sounds good about now. ; ) Wow! Your sons will know the way to a woman's heart -- chocolate and more chocolate! Enjoy the rest of your day.

Michelle said...

beth, i don't have your email but wanted to know if you were in for boston 1/2 on the 12th of March. I will be leaving my house at 5:30am. let me know