Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm in Memphis!!

Last night, four of the five other women and I travelled from Hartford, CT to Memphis. We had a layover in Charlotte. It took us five hours to get here. None of knew about the time change so we gained an hour, needed it I am exhausted.

We get to our hotel at midnight, but one am in my body. The clerk must have been busy in the back because she sure did not want to help us!! First she tells they have no cots and no extra blankets. Luckily one of our travellers is a firefighter and always prepared and brought a sleeping bag.

Then we proceed to rm 227. My friend unlocks the door and says "oh they forgot to make the beds, oh wait a minute, there are people sleeping in them!!!". We opened the door bleary eyed and look in and find PEOPLE sleeping in the room!!!! We quickly apologized and ran back to the lobby in hysterics.

Now we are getting ready to head to Graceland. I am going to find my inner Elvis, I definitely have the hips!


Mia Goddess said...

Yay! Run run run! Go get your Elvis on, then run like the wind. I will be out of town this weekend, but I wanted to stop in and wish you best of luck...can't wait to catch up with how it was on Monday!!!

Wes said...

OMG! LOL!!! I woulda had a heart attack! At least they were sleeping!! So, you haven't mentioned it. Am I going to get my birthday present :-)

Juls said...

Inner Evis reveal yourself.