Friday, November 02, 2007

Happy Long Run

I ran from putting my kids on the bus this afternoon and zipped into my running clothes to run for three hours or whatever miles I can run in that amount of time. My middle son surprised me at school looking for a ride to a skateboard shop, so I got out a little past schedule but still got on the road by 4pm.

I did a longish part of the run first, I took a big loop to get to my house and feed my dog and check on her. The poor girl has been totally neglected this Fall. Too many soccer games and races. I ran ten miles to my house, got my water belt, gu and music. Then I made my way down back into town for another nine miles. I felt great the whole time, except by the last hill I was pooped.

I ate my gu at about mile twelve and oh my goodness, what a jolt it gave me. I have cut WAAAAAYYYYY back on my sugar intake, so when that sugar hit me I was ready and rearing to go, baby!!!

I was pretty psyched about how good I felt since this was my second long run in only five days. My last long run was only last Sunday, but I had to do it tonight since this weekend is filled with yet another soccer tourney, church and a race on Sunday. There are soooo many fun things I want to do this weekend, but I think I have to stay home and complete a project for my boys so they can move their bedrooms. On SAt. night, a bunch on women friends are getting together for a "clothing swap". I don't really need any clothes, but have a bunch to get rid off. So maybe I'll just drop them off. On Sunday afternoon after the race, there is this "hibernation festival" held at this earthy crunchy private school. They sell the BEST soup in the world, I look forward to it every year. So I will have to just go get some even if I am not done with my job at home.

Have a great weekend everybody, run hard!


Juls said...

Okay. I'll do that. I'll run hard.

Nice job on your long run.

Rice said...

got to love going long.



Rice said...

I tried the 'living like a monk' thing... did do to well at that;) But on the other hand I really have come to like being on my own.

Wes said...

That's a really good three hour run :-)

robtherunner said...

Congrats on the long run and it sounds like a busy weekend planned, which is now over of course. I hope it went well and you have another great one this weekend.