Sunday, November 18, 2007

Spiritual Awakenings

I have had spiritual experiences while running, especially when I am pushing my limits. While running my long run this week on a 25' cold, windy but sunny and crisp Sunday, I was pretty cold. BUT every time the sun would shine on my body for a few minutes, I would experience such a warmth, I just knew there is a God out there somewhere watching over me, making me warm when I need it most.

Sweet faith.


Juls said...

Sweet indeed.

Wes said...

It's a wonderful feeling to bask in the Glory of God! Soak it up :-)

Rice said...

I know how you feel. running really brings "him" out in you. I have had many of these myself.

I did however read a good quote the other day that helps me keep "a little" perspective and give credit where credit is due..

"is it not enough to enjoy a beautiful garden without believing there are fairies and pixies living underneath it?"

with respect.


TriBoomer said...

Nice words.

Been there too.

Stay tuned...