Saturday, December 01, 2007

5:15 Race morning

I am currently sipping tea and eating a banana, mentally preparing for the task I am about to undertake. I just tattooed my arm with the a 4 hour pace band. I have confidence I can break 4 hours, but not so much confidence I can hit my Boston Qualifying time of 3:45. We'll see....either way, Wes, happy birthday!!!

Beautiful race conditions, start of the race will be 45' and by the time we finish the forecast is for 60'. Gorgeous.

See you soon!

ps I am officially in love with Elvis and I think I'll give up teaching and become a clerk in one of the 300 souvenir shops on Elvis Presley Blvd.


Rice said...

there are always days when you have a good run when it feels like the wind is at your back no matter which way you turn then other days your legs are filled with led.. THEN there is race day.. Its always nice if a 'good run day' can fall on a race day..

Go get'em


Wes said...

awwwww {hugs} :-) I will be happy if you do your best!!!!!!!!!!