Monday, January 01, 2007

Year in Review

I am ending 2006 on a very positive note. I love running right now, it feels soooooo good. I know it has A LOT to do with practicing yoga, so therefore I say namaste to my best friend, Deb, for introducing me to yoga two years ago. She again has been my lifesaver!

  • Below is a breakdown of my race performances this year:
  • Jan Brian Aselton 5K 24:43
  • Feb Colchester 1/2 marathon 2:05
  • March Pi Race 5K 25:02
  • April BOSTON MARATHON 4:40
  • June Xtreme Scrambler 5kish 28:30
  • July Glorious Gallop 5K 23:30
  • Aug Xtreme Scrambler 5kish 27:40
  • Sept New Haven Road Race 20K 1:57
  • Oct Mystic Places 10 Miler 1:26
  • Nov Thanksgiving Race 5 Miler 48:01
  • Dec Santa's Run 3.5 miler 28:53

I am really proud that I did a race almost every month, all except May. In May, my son and I volunteered at the Nipmuck Trail Marathon, so I kinda count that as a "doing" a race. Of course, my high point was the Boston Marathon. That was so awesome. Someday I will qualify to run the race on my running merits, not just having family up there to get me a scrub number.

I also enjoyed running the Xtreme Scramble in Hartford, Ct. That was a race with all different terrains and challenges and it was also a series so I could see how I progressed. They also had bands to entertain us afterward and great food to replenish us.

I only hope I can stay healthy and compete in 2007 as effortless as I did in 2006. I will say this though, I started 2006 with the mindset that I was running races for ME, not to beat the smoe joe just ahead of me. I would set a goal for myself and run MY own race. It was not easy, but it did allow me to run injury free the whole year!! Knowing your limitations is definitely a plus when it comes to running.


Wes said...

Happy New Year!

robtherunner said...

Happy New Year! It's nice to have a race every month to keep you motivated. One of these days I will run Boston as well.

Running Rabbit said...

Well that is an impressive breakdown! :-)