Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fun and VERY COLD Week!

Well here she is, my new weekday running partner after a three mile trail run. She is the best dog. She runs ahead about 20 feet and then turns back wondering if I am still with her. If I am "doggin'" it, she will run back and get me, if I am keeping up with her, she'll continue on ahead. She had a bit of a stressed out weekend, but all in all she is still a very well behaved doggy.

Not much going on lately. My sweet swimming and running buddy, Deb, has had a minor surgery, so I miss her and hope she gets back out there soon. We have had some very cold temperatures, yesterday we ran and it was 16', today it was 9'. The funny thing though was yesterday felt colder due to the wind. I hate windy conditions, hate them.

We ran at the Edwin Way Teale Sanctuary yesterday. It is my assignment from my naturalist son, Tommy, that I must read his book entitled A Walk Through The Year. I'll let you know what I think.


Michelle said...

Did you follow the trails up there? How long are the loops? It's so close to here and I've never heard of it!!

Janice said...

I hate wind too. I'd rather run hills over and over again than against the wind.

Wes said...

That is such a cute puppy! Your perseverance in running in cold weather is so inspiring! Hope your friend can join you again soon. Best wishes.