Monday, January 29, 2007

Cute Kid Story #2

Our dramatic play center is currently a doctor's office. One little four year old today was the doctor while I was the patient. Imagine a very cute little kid that we affectionately have nicknamed Phillip Johnny Bob at our house. My kids often delight in hearing Phillip Johnny Bob stories and this one is to be added to the list.

PJB, "I have to look in your ear." Uses plastic doctor light scope thingy.
PJB, " I see your brain", pause for effect "It's a pea-brain"
We both start cracking up. PJB obviously has an older brother, a normal four year old is not that sophisticated in their play!

Ran 12 miles yesterday, some trails incorporated. I thought I was only doing 10, so I was way happy when I got home and mapped my run. I wonder if I bought a garmin if it would steal some of the excitement from wondering how long I am running sometimes.

Cold here, taking tomorrow off! Yah, I love sleeping in!


Wes said...

I luv my Garmin. I almost turned back the other day when the power on it ran out and I didn't have a backup watch or anything. Good for me I persevered.

Sounds like PJB is well on his way to being a brain surgeon!

robtherunner said...

That's a nice surprise to go out for 10 and end up with 12. Enjoy the day off.

Jank said...

I kind of miss the old days of just heading out and seeing what the day brings.

Kind of.

'Cause for every 10 miler turned 12, there's a 5 miler turned 4.

Here's waiting for spring...