Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lessons Learned

I have noticed two things about my running that might help you. I have way more energy and speed if I eat a banana or apple right before I head out to run. Sipping water is also a help. Sleep does not matter on the run, but it does effect my condition later.

Number two is that I started wearing a headlamp, that word cracks me up, and it really helps to know where you are setting your foot while running at dawn. And by the way the moon this morning was AMAZING!!!

See you later, I have to go find my goggles and head condom thingy for tomorrow's am swim!


Wes said...

Hee hee. Kudos to you for getting up early and getting it done! I'm sure you look cute with that head condom thingee on! LOL.

aham23 said...

i just got a headlamp for xmas!! cool. later.

Janice said...

I got a headlamp for Christmas, but since I've been on holidays I've been running during the day. Do you wear your head lamp over your hat? Or do you wear a headband?